Storm jewel in the regional league ?: The tragic career slip of Fiete Arp

He is considered a talent of the century, the next star in German football. At the age of 17, Fiete Arp is praised at the highest levels. He succumbs to the lure of FC Bayern – and does not find his way after his move. Now he is even threatened by the regional league.

Bundesliga debut at the age of 17, move to Bayern at the age of 19. And a regional league player at the age of 21? This abruptly broken career could overtake Fiete Arp. He was once considered the greatest storm talent in Germany – and yet has long since disappeared.

The most important game of the season against Halleschen FC (0: 1) Arp experienced neither on the field nor on the bench – but only in the stands. With a lot of luck, relegation could have been prevented, but the services of the 21-year-old were not in demand. At Arp, it’s not even enough for the third division. FC Bayern wasn’t a career booster, on the contrary.

And it is precisely this position at FC Bayern that is now becoming a problem. Since 2019, Arp has been trying to break through with the German record champions. He changed after HSV’s first season in the second division. One in which it was also mixed. He scored his only goal of the season on the last match day of all times – and said goodbye to Hamburg with tears and the captain’s armband around his arm.

Lots of bad luck with injuries

He was already accompanied by skeptics on the trip to Munich. Experts who thought the move was too early. Arp could have played another year at HSV, but decided to switch early. At the start of the 2019/20 season he was in action for Bayern’s 2nd team, was then ill, first suffered a scaphoid fracture and then another arm injury – and the first half of the season was over. In the second half of the season he only played in the third division, scored three goals in twelve missions and was able to celebrate the third division championship with coach Sebastian HoeneƟ’s team.

But only one year after the championship – Bayern II was not allowed to advance as a reserve team because of the great Bavarians – crash and relegation follow. Regional league, as it did from 2010 to 2019. No prospects for Arp. But neither for FC Bayern. Because the club pays the former hope dearly. His contract is endowed with a rumored five million euros per year and will run until 2024.

“Probably failed because of myself”

In Julian Nagelsmann’s team, Arp will hardly have a chance. And so the people of Munich want to give up their player bought as a jewel as quickly as possible. A change or a loan as a way out of the crisis? Even that could be difficult because Arp wasn’t exactly promoting himself. Hardly any professional club would be seriously interested in signing a player who cannot even assert himself in the third division – and would be expensive, too. If he switched, Arp would probably have to forego a lot of money.

According to the “Bild” newspaper, there is not a single offer for the striker. And so Bayern and Arp could forcibly stay together. With no prospect of games in the regional league – that’s not an option for Arp – or in the Bundesliga – he’s not strong enough for that. After all, according to “Bild”, there is no crisis apart from this problem. Arp is considered a “fine guy”, despite his reserve role he is “not a stinky boot”.

Of course, the “Hamburg boy” can’t buy anything from it. He was overwhelmed by the glittering world of football, by the tempting offers, by the reputation that preceded him. It was all a bit too much, he told the “kicker” a month ago: “It’s a blessing and a curse for a young footballer when he always reflects and assesses everything.” And comes to a harsh judgment: “I probably failed because of myself.”

It sounds too final, it comes too soon: Arp is still only 21 years old, he deals fairly with his situation, does not lose any bad words, continues to train. And yet arrived in an almost hopeless situation. Because his dream is the same, he told the “kicker”: “My goal is to leave my footprints in the first team, that’s why I came to Bayern.” Perhaps a detour has to be found to make it happen. But this detour has not yet been signposted.