Storm of Love: Eva fans cry bitter tears



Uta Kargel brings SDL fans to tears

The scene is years old, but the emotions never go away: With a moving post on Instagram, Uta Kargel (plays Eva in "Sturm der Liebe") has moved her fans to tears and elicited real emotions from them.


On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Uta shared an old clip from 2018. We see how her serial character Eva has just learned that foster daughter Valentina is suffering from leukemia – a moving scene in the series that brings out a lot of real life emotions.

Numerous fans who have had similar experiences and have lost loved ones to cancer have their say under the post. A fan writes, for example: "I lost my mother to breast cancer, the worst was to see her so fragile, thin and the beautiful black hair was also gone, it gives me consolation that we will meet somewhere, sometime."


A journey into the past

Those were the days! Melanie Wiegmann's new Instagram picture lets fans reminisce. You can see Natascha Schweitzer (played by Melanie Wiegmann) and Michael Niederbühl (played by Erich Altenkopf) in an old musical episode. "Those were the days – when good Werner Saalfeld swept the red carpet … The Fürstenhof was upside down," reads the caption.

And one thing in particular remembers the episode particularly well – Birte Wentzek. At that time she played Poppy Schweitzer. "Oh yes, I remember when the photo was taken – I was there. You two were great," she comments under the picture. The fans are also thrilled: "You look cute! Back then, like today, a beautiful couple!" Would you have recognized the Fürstenhof and the actors? Or did you happen to watch "Sturm der Liebe" at that time and are loyal fans of the first hour?

We thank you for the little trip into the past, dear Melanie.


The anniversary of "Sturm der Liebe" will be so dramatic

Brandy anniversary at "Sturm der Liebe": The 3333rd episode is coming up soon – and of course on March 3rd! With so many threes, there is of course a lot of celebrations – and fans can expect a dramatic episode that has some surprises in store. The pictures and the preview, which the first has now published, give a first glimpse.

A promo picture shows what awaits us in the anniversary: ​​A real storm during the "Storm of Love": Bichlheim is hit by a snowstorm and cut off from the outside world! A dramatic situation in which further tragedies develop – this is how Eva goes into labor while her Robert is still out in the storm. Will he make it to the Fürstenhof in time? Will Eva give birth to a healthy child? And how dangerous is the snow storm really? We will get answers in March for the big anniversary series!

Storm of Love – Facts and Figures

  • Sturm der Liebe is a German love telenovela in the "first".

  • It was broadcast for the first time on September 26, 2005.

  • Among others, actors like Christin Balogh, Melanie Wiegmann and Dirk Galuba play along.

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