Storm of Love: Is this Popular Character Dying a Serial Death?

“Storm of Love”
Does this veteran die the serial death?

“Storm of Love”: Roberts (Lorenzo Patané, r.) Concern for Werner (Dirk Galuba, l.) is growing

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The current series news in the GALA ticker: “Storm of Love”: Great concern for Werner after a sudden collapse.

The series news in the GALA ticker

July 4, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Werner suddenly collapses

“Sturm der Liebe” veteran Werner (Dirk Galuba, 80) may soon have to say goodbye to his son Robert (Lorenzo Patané, 45): He actually wanted to persuade Lia (Deborah Müller, 40) to return to the “Fürstenhof” – however without success. As he is already planning his departure, Werner stakes everything on the spring festival and hopes to be able to persuade the couple to stay there. But everything turns out differently: At the press conference announcing the festival, Werner suddenly collapses.

This incident also affects Lia and Robert: Robert is extremely worried about his father, who survives the incident but will need a pacemaker in the future. He hopes for Lia’s support, but she makes it clear to Robert that the incident hasn’t changed her mind about returning to the “Fürstenhof” – which really offends Robert. He later admits to his father that Lia’s behavior disappointed him greatly. The next episodes will show how the two and Werner will continue.

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