Storm of Love: Viola Wedekind wears dress made of toilet paper



Viola Wedekind wraps herself in toilet paper

"Storm of Love" is currently stopping production due to the corona crisis. That means the actors have time for their hobbies. Viola Wedekind has apparently found a new one: She creates toilet paper fashion.

The Ariane Kalenberg actress shares a humorous collage on Instagram, which she shows in various toilet paper creations – including a mandatory mouthguard! She writes: "Is that art or can it go away ?!" And before the actress starts a shit storm, she quickly adds: "A little bit of fun must be! (Nothing is wasted, everything is used!)" And provides the postings with the hashtags "Haute Couture" and "Das kleine Weißen ".

And their fans also take it with humor and diligently comment. "Is that Klocouture ??" asks a user. "Human viola is currently the most valuable thing there is," says another. So if Guido Maria Kretschmer still needs a designer, how about viola?

Florian Frowein misses his team

The "Storm of Love" crew is also affected by the effects of the corona virus. They had to stop shooting and are currently unable to slip into their beloved telenovela roles at the Fürstenhof. The forced break is particularly difficult. Florian Frowein can't wait to come back to the Fürstenhof and makes a little admission of love to his colleagues.

If you enjoy going to work every day, not only because you love your job (despite all opposition), but also because you value and respect your colleagues and are based on mutuality. Then that's exactly right!

He also posted a cute picture of him and his fellow actor Léa Wegmann. He hopes that he can get back to work soon. Dear Florian, we hope so too!

Storm of Love – Facts and Figures

  • Sturm der Liebe is a German love telenovela in the "first".

  • It was broadcast for the first time on September 26, 2005.

  • Among others, actors like Christin Balogh, Melanie Wiegmann and Dirk Galuba play along.

source used: Instagram