Strange Attraction: Unusual things we find sexy in people

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They find these unusual things attractive in people

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Often it is a person’s small gestures or habits that we fall in love with. In an online survey, users now tell us what extraordinary characteristics they find extremely sexy.

The little mischievous smile, playing with the hair, the nervous cracking of the fingers, the playfully raised eyebrows: Certain habits or amiable quirks of our counterpart can literally melt us away. But of course – tastes are different.

Who does not know it? A: e friend: in calls and describes in detail how sweet his: her new acquaintance is chewing on her fingernails. As you listen, you might wonder what’s delightful about it, but the main thing is that he: she likes it. Just as one person prefers to reach for chocolate, the bag of chips is another’s weakness – you can argue about taste.

Strange Attraction: Unusual things that users find sexy in people

On the social media platform “Reddit”, a user wanted to know from the community which habits they found irresistible. “What’s the strangest thing that you find extremely attractive?” is the exact question. We have summarized the ten most unconventional contributions here.

1. Colorful socks

“When I see a woman wearing super funky, colorful socks – especially if they don’t match – I could climb a wall with excitement.”

2. Apathy

“Impractical long nails and when a woman reads a magazine while chewing gum. That is wonderfully apathetic.”

3. Exhaustion

“I don’t know why, but exhausted men look super hot to me. Probably because being exhausted is as close to real you as it gets.”

4. Computer skills

“When a person is able to make a good Excel spreadsheet.”

5. In the car

“When men put a hand on the back of the passenger seat when reversing to get a better look back. That makes me … weak.”

6. Sour makes … sexy?

“When someone can eat a lemon without grimacing. My girlfriend did that on our first date and we’ve been together for over a year now!”

7. Scars

“I like scars. Each has a story and I want to know that.”

8. Green thumb

“Indoor plants. I find women with plants very hot.”

9. Hoarse voice

“Rough voices in women. If she sounds like a guy, that’s just insanely sexy, I don’t know why.”

10. Towel

“When my friend comes out of the shower and pulls the towel he just used over his head. He then stands completely naked and looks like the Virgin Mary with the towel hanging down. We often have sex after him has showered. “

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