Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, all the new DLC Wanderer of the Rift exhibited in video and images

Jack and his companions have not yet said his last word and will return next week in the second DLCs from Season Pass of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. Entitled Wanderer of the Rift Where Gilgamesh, the Wanderer of Dimensions in our language, this new adventure succeeding Trials of the Dragon King had been teased beginning of September, without Square-Enix won’t go into more detail…until now. Its launch trailer is already live and shows us everything there is to know about it.

Trailer in Japanese

To begin, here is a point on the story that will be told in this DLCs :

New Mission: Gilgamesh, the Wanderer of Dimensions

Once upon a time there was a group of warriors who fell before the darkness and gave themselves up to chaos. This is the story of what happened next…

A new light is taking root in a land once ruled entirely by chaos, desperate to spring from the earth. A light of hope, a light of possibility, a light that requires the help of the dragon king himself to activate.

In this turbulent world is yet another stranger, a stranger with uncertain intentions. Is it an evil force threatening them, a visitor they should welcome with open arms, or something in between?

We will therefore be able to browse the Maze of Dimensionsthe opportunity to unlock and then try the new class that is the blue mage and get help from monsters by calling them via bells specials. And for an ever tougher challenge, chaotic enemies will also appear on difficulty Gilgameshbut you will need to have completed the previous content first, so this is the new end game. In return, relics blessed by eidolons can be looted and equippedand a new ability called Dimensional Herald will be usable in combat.


Able to roam freely between dimensions, Gilgamesh’s very existence is a singularity. He rises to challenge Jack and his comrades, wreaking havoc on the world.

Simultaneously wielding swords and spears, Gilgamesh hampers Jack and his comrades with an abundance of dynamic attacks. He can even sometimes attack with a well-known missile.

The Labyrinth of Dimensions

The Labyrinth manifested when Gilgamesh appeared in the world of Chaos. A new story arc unfolds as you conquer this series of randomly constructed short dungeons.

New class

The new Blue Mage class is unlocked after progressing through the Labyrinth of Dimensions in a certain way.

A Blue Mage can learn enemy abilities and transform them into his own powers. They can be used as instant abilities through the Soul Shield or by equipping certain accessories.

Blue magic can be used by pressing the R2/RT triggers whenever instant abilities are available. Holding down the button allows you to charge up an even more powerful attack.

This allows instant abilities to be activated without using charges and fueling them with MP.

monster bells

Monster Bells are items that allow you to instantly summon a monster to support you during battle.

To receive support from a monster, you must first find a summoning stone, then complete a special event with that monster. Increase your affinity with the monster through conversations, feeding it, and using items.

When your affinity level increases, you will receive monster bells which can be used in battle to temporarily summon him to fight for you.

In the “Gilgamesh” difficulty level, monsters imbued with chaotic energy may occasionally appear in all missions, including the Labyrinth of Dimensions. These are called Chaotic Monsters. They are more dangerous than standard monsters of the same type, but can earn you greater rewards when defeated.

Chaos status is indicated by the crown icon at the beginning of the monster’s name. They have more attacks available and are harder to fight.

New game mechanics

  • Gilgamesh difficulty and relics to equip

At the newly added Gilgamesh difficulty level, you can obtain special relic gear that is blessed by summoning. Enemy levels are even higher, which means even more formidable enemies will appear to hinder Jack and his friends (players must have completed Trials of the Dragon King to play). Relic gear comes with various special effects different from the blessings of summons like Odin, Ifrit, and Bahamut, and the equipped character’s abilities will also improve based on the blessing value. These can be obtained by appraising them at the Tonberry Blacksmith.

When activated, nearby enemies will be slowed and the damage dealt by the player will increase with each use of an action ability. While the effect is active, a special attack can be used instead of the soul shield. Unleash the special attack and take down the enemy quickly with combos.

Trailer in English

Thereafter, there is still content called “DIFFERENT FUTURE”. Visuals are to be discovered on the following page and you can obtain Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on Amazon from €35.34.

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