Stranger Things 4: Everyone wants to go to Hawkins…but the town doesn’t exist!

The scene of the events of the series “Stranger Things” on Netflix, the city of Hawkins comes from the imagination of the Duffer brothers. However, searches for the destination are exploding on a booking site.

The cultural impact of Stranger Things is well established. Since the creation of the series, the eighties have been more trendy than ever and season 4 even brought up to date a title released 37 years ago, Running Up That Hill of Kate Bush, who became number 1 in the rankings.

The success of the adventures of Eleven and her gang even encourage some tourists to choose the town of Hawkins as their new destination. Problem: the small American town, located in Indiana, does not exist. Well, not exactly. There are indeed namesakes, as in Wisconsin, Texas or the state of Georgia, where Hawkinsville can be found.

The booking site is also seeing its research explode. Upon the release of Season 3 in July 2019, requests for Hawkins soared 73%. Since volume 1 was put online at the end of May, the Hawkinsville destination has seen its rating increase by 12%.

The most curious may be disappointed: the experience Stranger Things only stops at the name of the city. On site, no strange laboratory or Starcourt shopping center in sight. As a reminder, volume 2 of season 4 is expected for July 1st. An epic finale is already announced, with a last episode lasting 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

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