Stranger Things: Is 1 the father of 11? 9 fan theories about the Netflix series finale in season 5


Who will kill Vecna ​​in “Stranger Things” season 5 and can Hawkins even be saved? We have put together 9 fan theories for you about the end of the Netflix hits. Some theories are anything but improbable.

How will ‘Stranger Things’ season 5 end? (Source: Netflix/Montage: Netzwelt)

After three years of waiting for season four of “Stranger Things” it has been over since July 1st. Now it’s time to wait again until the big series finale. Since waiting is not everyone’s forte and speculating is a lot of fun, countless fans have already come up with theories as to how “Stranger Things” could end.

Surely you have already had some thoughts about what else could happen in the fifth season. We have selected the most exciting and most likely theories for you. We won’t know how it will actually turn out until 2024, but some theories make so much sense that we don’t want to withhold them from you.

Since this article is about theories about a possible series finale of “Stranger Things” and we therefore often refer to the entire 4th season, here’s a big one again Spoiler alert!

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