Stranger Things season 5: release date, story, cast, all info on the final season

After all that the last season gave us, it’s hard not to look forward to Netflix season 5 as the most important cultural event in the history of SVOD. Here’s everything we know about it so far, pending its release.

Stranger Things got off to a great start. homage to light sci-fi productions of the 80s… then became, over the seasons, a juggernaut of pop culture. It must be said that the adventures of Eleven and her group have continued to become ever more gripping, the Duffer Brothers revealing episode after episode and season after season how talented they are. With this end of season 4 in the form of a huge teaser for the sequelit’s hard not to wait feverishly for season 5 of the show.

If you’re still dreaming about the future exploits of the gang of teenagers and their parents, don’t worry: we already have some interesting information and theories on the future of the Netflix series. Be careful though: spoilers on previous seasons will be released without the slightest embarrassment in this article. You have been warned.

Where is the production of Stranger Things season 5?

What We Officially Know About Stranger Things Season 5 Is Its Writing Has Begun from August 2, 2022. The Duffer Brothers have revealed that it will be the last season of the series, who will therefore have to answer all the questions left unanswered. To do this, it seems that the entire story will take place in Hawkinswith a focus on the character of Will Byers.

the filming of season 5 should start in the year 2023. Hoping that it will not be disturbed by a new global health crisis. As for the atmosphere, this last season is intended to be close to the very first, but much more epic.

When will Stranger Things Season 5 be released?

Since we know that the Duffer Brothers are currently writing season 5, and that its shooting is scheduled for the year 2023… It’s a safe bet that we will have to wait until 2024 to finally be able to discover the ultimate end of Stranger Things.

As a result, there will be no new seasons. However, the universe of the series could be declined on new spin-off projects.

However, we could have a nice surprise on the release of the series. The Duffer Brothers have indeed declared for Variety: “the wait could be shorter, since we already have an idea of ​​the scenario and that we should not undergo a forced break of 6 months this time”.

How many episodes for the 5th season?

We don’t have any official confirmation from the creators or Netflix yet, but the series is still following a pattern. Seasons 1 and 3 of Stranger Things had 8 episodes of around 45 minutes, when seasons 2 and 4 had 9 episodes.

Because of this, and considering this is the final season, we expect Stranger Things season 5 to deliver 9 episodes. The Duffer Brothers have already confirmed that the last two episodes will last “at least 2 hours”and that the grand finale will be “massive”.

Will Eddie return in season 5?

The character of Eddie, newly introduced to Hawkins for season 4 and having directly met a disastrous fate, resonated with many people. The metal and Dungeons & Dragons fan will be missed by a large number of spectators on this season 5… or not, who knows?

The interpreter of the role, joseph quinnhas already positioned himself on the fact that he would love to play Eddie again in this universe: “Yes, I would like to play him again, but it seems to me that his story has been told”.

It is at least certain that the spirit of Eddie will remain very much alive in season 5. The character of Dustin may be traumatized by his deathas indicated by Gaten Matarazzo for TV Insiders, and it is on his way of living with this trauma that season 5 could articulate for his character.

What will be the story in Season 5 of Stranger Things?

This is where we’ll unravel the threads left hanging in the Stranger Things universe to imagine what might happen to the story in Season 5. Let’s start at the beginning: the fight between the Upside Down and Hawkins will inevitably turn into a real waras the two worlds begin to merge at the end of Season 4. This can be seen in the flowers beginning to die next to the gaping rift running through the city.

This is where we can ask ourselves a major question: will Stranger Things a new time leap, as is traditionally the case each season? If not, then the only way out would be to continue exactly where Season 4 left off. If so, we could be immediately thrust into a Hawkins shrouded in darknesswho is now only a shadow of herself as she is plagued by many nightmarish creatures.

Vecna ​​will naturally continue its plan of conquest, but who will really stand up against him? There we have two interesting theories left hanging by the series itself. Whether Eleven is obviously her unnatural, it could be joined by two major players to finally draw a line under the Upside Down. The first would obviously be Will, whose connection to the Mind Flayer has not diminished since its capture. And besides… Why was he the first captured? It could be that we discover a completely different aspect of the character, more magical, more ethereal.

The second character is currently in a very sad state… It’s obviously Max. But the teenager is also the only one who was able to really resist the powers of Vecna ​​during season 4, and her hospitalization could hide a newly opened connection with the great enemy of the show. After all, if Will ended up being connected to the Mind Flayer, it seems only natural that Max would be with the grand wizard.

On the more human aspect, we are all waiting to see how Will’s coming out will be dealt with in the show, and how the relationship between Jim and Joyce will evolve. But it seems the Duffer Brothers also want to go a step further in treating Vecna ​​as a human being. His interpreter, Jamie Campbell Bower, said that would be the case at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter.

Will there be new characters?

The answer is no !

For this final season, the Duffer Brothers have already confirmed that new characters were not going to appear in this universe. And it is quite natural, since it is now necessary to give Stranger Things a satisfactory conclusion. No time to develop new characters!

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