“Stranger Things”: The series sets a new streaming record

“Stranger Things”
The series sets a new streaming record

Priah Ferguson, Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin (left to right) in “Stranger Things”.

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“Stranger Things” is already one of the most successful Netflix series. The production has also pulverized an old record.

The fourth season of “Stranger Things” is without question the Netflix hit of the summer of 2022. During the premiere of the first part of the season, the production set a new streaming record – and thus left the competition far behind.

A difference in the billions

Between May 30 and June 5, subscribers watched Stranger Things for 7.2 billion minutes in the US alone, according to the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” based on data from the market research company Nielsen. Although this includes all seasons and episodes of a series, since the fourth season started on May 27th, the lion’s share should be accounted for by the new episodes.

Since the introduction of the weekly streaming evaluation around two years ago, no other series has even come close to achieving this value. No production had previously even cracked the six billion mark. If you add the first few days after the premiere in the week between May 23rd and 29th, “Stranger Things” even comes to a value of 12.34 billion minutes. Again, no other series on the US market can compete.

“Stranger Things” crashes Netflix?

The release of the final episodes of the fourth season on July 1 apparently caused such a high rush that users were temporarily unable to use Netflix. As “Bloomberg” writesmore than 14,000 consumers reported outages around midnight (Pacific Time) on the Downdetector website.

In the in-house list The fourth season of “Stranger Things” already ranks first among the longest-streamed English-language series. The streaming service currently states that viewers tuned in for more than 930 million hours of viewing in the first 28 days. If Netflix also adds the season finale that has just been released, this number will probably increase significantly.

The service previously revealed that users streamed for nearly 287 million hours of viewing in just the first three days after the season premiered. In comparison: The mega-success “Squid Game” attracted significantly fewer viewers in the opening week of 2021, but holds the current overall record with around 1.65 billion viewing hours within the first 28 days.


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