Strawberry season: this is how your harvest stays beautiful for longer

strawberry season
This way your yield will stay beautiful for longer

Strawberries usually don’t last long – but with these tricks, they can last a few days.

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Strawberries often spoil faster than you can eat them. But with a few tricks, the shelf life of the delicacies can be extended.

Summer is here and with it, delicious and refreshing snacks are available again. If you like it fruity, you can use strawberries in addition to watermelons and cherries. If the strawberries have already been bought, you have to be quick. The sweet delicacies do not last long and spoil quickly. But is there nothing that can be done about it? In fact, you can extend the shelf life of strawberries with a few tricks.

Strawberries like it cold

Strawberries keep best in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. Here the temperature is right and it is dry and dark. Stored in a sieve, the fruit also gets enough air from all sides.

This should be avoided

A piece of kitchen paper or newspaper absorbs moisture residue. In addition, one should not wash the berries immediately after purchasing them. Due to the moisture, the fruit tends to develop more mold and also loses its aroma. The leaves and stem should also be removed just before consumption.

With vinegar against the mold

Vinegar prevents mold and ensures a longer shelf life. Fruity vinegars such as raspberry or apple cider vinegar are particularly suitable here. Simply fill a bowl with one third vinegar and two thirds water and then put the strawberries in it. Leave the solution on for a few minutes. Then remove the berries, rinse well and pat dry. This kills all germs.

Off to the freezer

Strawberries can be stored in the freezer for up to ten months. Because of the sub-zero temperatures, microbes don’t stand a chance here and the fruit is preserved. Wash and dry the berries before storing in a plastic freezer bag. This will prevent them from sticking together after freezing. Shake the freezer bag frequently while freezing.

This way the aroma is preserved

So that the sweet taste of the strawberry can develop fully, you should only remove the green stalk after washing. This way no water gets into the fruit. Another tip: Clean the strawberries in a water bath just before eating. They keep their aroma and there are no pressure points from the hard water jet.

fun facts

What many people don’t know: From a botanical point of view, the strawberry is not a berry at all, but is one of the aggregate fruits.


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