Strawberry varieties: the most important at a glance

Strawberry varieties: the most important at a glance

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There are more than 1000 types of strawberries worldwide – not easy to keep track of! We introduce you to the most important strawberry plants and explain into which categories they are divided.

Different types of strawberries depending on the harvest time

The different types of strawberries are classified according to their harvest time: There is a garden strawberry early, middle and late ripening varieties. This is followed by the so-called monthly strawberries (also as permanent or remounting designated), which are derived from the wild strawberry. If you want to have some of the delicious fruits for as long as possible, it is best to plant several varieties in your garden.

The strawberry varieties not only show differences in theirs Color, size and harvest time but also place different demands on their surroundings. In addition, a distinction is made between cultivation Hanging strawberries, ground cover and climbing strawberries.

Early ripening strawberry varieties

Clery: firm fruit, red pulp, sweet in taste

Honeoye: high-yielding strawberry variety, slightly sour taste

Lambada: light red fruit, tasty, but quite susceptible to powdery mildew

Other early strawberry varieties:

  • Daroyal
  • Darselect
  • Dely
  • donna
  • Elvira
  • White Dream

Medium ripening strawberry varieties

Elsanta: very popular andhardy strawberry variety, bears great fruit

Corona: high-yielding, medium-sized fruits, well suited for strawberry jam

Senga Sengana: very aromatic, high yield, but more susceptible to gray mold, is often used for strawberry cakes

Other medium strawberry varieties:

Late ripening strawberry varieties

Nerid: very juicy variety, not very susceptible to disease, sweet aroma

Vicoda: solid consistency, therefore suitable for freezing or boiling strawberries

Symphony: high yield, medium red color, large fruit

Other late strawberry varieties:

  • Pandora
  • Salsa
  • Sweet Mar XXL

Strawberry varieties that bear several times

Merosa: sweet variety of strawberry that also produces pink flowers

Ostara: Bears fruit at least twice, juicy and medium-firm pulp, needs nutrient-rich soils

Waedenswil: fruity-sweet strawberry, very early ripening variety, medium-sized

Other remounting strawberry varieties:

  • Amandine
  • Mara de Bois
  • to reprimand
  • Seascape

Old strawberry varieties

Apricot Chinoise: also called apricot strawberry, yellowish color

Queen Louise: early ripening plants, aromatic, heart-shaped

Mieze Schindler: one of the oldest strawberry varieties, small and dark red, does not have a long shelf life, but is more suitable for snacking

Other old varieties:

  • Hansa
  • Herzberg’s triumph
  • Reusraht’s very earliest

With us you will find many delicious strawberry recipes, for example for strawberry cake, strawberry tiramisu or strawberry punch. Our recipes for strawberry liqueur, strawberry tartlet or strawberry parfait are sure to go down well with your guests! We also have information on the various asparagus and apple varieties.