Streamer Banned From $100,000 CS:GO Event Over Cheating Accusations

It is within the framework of a competition organized by ReadUp that ‘Kephrii’ streamer has been banned for ‘conspiring’ with streamer, Gale Adelaide. Both players are known to be Overwatch aficionados before playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The tournament was a bit special. In fact, he rewarded individual skills rather than team play.

Players with the most points according to the scoring system hit the jackpot. Kills are worth one point each, assists are worth two points each and knife kills are worth five points.

With Gale having obtained three stab wounds on Kephrii, and Kephrii two stab wounds on Gale, the other competitors began accusing the two players of cronyism. Many participants pointed out that both players were teaming up and this intentionally gave kills earning the most points to reach the top of the leaderboards.

FACEIT, partner of the event, investigated this case after complaints started coming in and dismissed all charges against Kephrii. However, the grumbling and suspicion from other players continued and Kephrii was eventually banished.

That said, it is important not to jump to conclusions before the tournament organizers only release an official statement. FACEIT has cleared Kephrii’s name and removed it only to ensure the tournament is completed, but there is no no official information yet confirming whether there was a “conspiracy” or not.

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