Streamer broke Twitch with his 1 million giveway

After having suffered many disappointments, the streamer Trainwreck has finally won the lot! To celebrate, he decided to give his viewers $ 1 million, but it didn’t work out as planned.

In recent years, online gambling has seen an unprecedented boom on Twitch, as more streamers have taken to trying their luck at online casinos, eager to experience the thrill of their viewers. and of course to hit the jackpot.

Thus for months Trainwreck multiplied the emotional elevators, cashing multiple gains to lose everything thereafter, a real roller coaster of which its viewers never tire.

While luck had not been on his side lately, the streamer started the year 2022 on a high note by winning multiple times, ultimately taking home more than $ 10 million, a significant sum he wanted. to benefit his community.

While he couldn’t get back the millions he lost, the streamer claimed it was a “new start” and that the least he could do was give some of it to his viewers. This is how he wanted to make a giveway of $ 1 million, but the operation did not go as planned.

Twitch can’t resist Trainwreck’s massive giveway

“9 months of pure shit I’m still at my lowest but jokingly at the start of the stream I said I would give 1million if I hit 10million”, the streamer explained on Twitter. “It happened for the first time in 9 months, so too bad, it is said, there will be a giveaway of 1 million dollars at the end of the stream”.

As over 30,000 viewers spam the chat in an attempt to participate, Nightbot ceased to function, disrupting Trainwreck’s stream. The streamer tried to switch to another site to complete the draw, but Twitch was struggling to hold up, and in the end there was no record of viewer entries.

He therefore ended up distributing the winnings among several viewers, each time the platform allowed him to draw lots for the winners.

Trainwreck has been criticized in the past after suffering big losses, with many people criticizing him for being addicted to gambling. It remains to be seen whether he will now make a new start.

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