Streaming goes to the table


On both sides of the Atlantic, the sound of saucepans thrills the owners of major video-on-demand services and TV channels. In the United States, Netflix has just announced the opening of a pop-up restaurant on June 30 in Los Angeles at the Short Stories Hotel, the streaming service announced on Tuesday. The restaurant is called Netflix Bites and will offer “a special tasting menu” created by chefs featured on some of its most popular cooking shows, as well as custom cocktails by mixologists featured on the “Drink Masters” show. We will still have to wait a bit to know the menu, but reservations are open and we know the names of some of the chefs who will write the dishes to taste: Curtis Stone, from “Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend”, Dominique Crenn, of “Chef’s Table” and “Iron Chef,” and Jacques Torres, of “Nailed It! Netflix Bites is located in West Hollywood. It will be open daily from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will serve brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday.

In France, it is M6 which would like to reiterate the coup of the real estate agencies carried out with Stephane Plaza: using the notoriety of its programs to develop a real business. According to the l’Informé website, M6 would like to take inspiration from the success of the Stéphane Plaza agencies, in which the channel holds 51% of the capital. With more than 500 agencies spread throughout the territory, Plaza brought in more than 5 million euros for M6 in 2021. It is therefore by using the notoriety of Top Chef and Stéphane Rotenberg that M6 intends to settle in the landscape of restoration. To achieve this, the chain will have to agree with the owner of the IP, NBCUniversal and above all to make a place for itself in a market already well served.


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