Streaming movies and series on Moviesjoy: Can it be legal?

Moviesjoy offers you free streaming movies and series. You can find out in our article whether this is really legal.

There are tons of movies and series available to stream on the website. The offer ranges from small indie films and blockbusters to various top-class series. You get all of this for free. The site requires no subscription and no registration, unlike Netflix, Sky Ticket or Amazon Prime Video. That sounds a bit too good to be true. You can read here whether using Moviesjoy is legal.

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Moviesjoy is illegal – these are the reasons

Of course, Moviesjoy itself doesn’t tell you that using their site constitutes an illegal activity, but if you look closely, you can Discover indications that you should not use the website. For example, Moviesjoy offers movies that actually In-house productions of well-known streaming services are. The comedy “Chip and Dale: The Knights of Justice” can be watched here completely free of charge, although the film is a Disney+ in-house production and should only be seen there: Moviesjoy has it not the necessary licensesto show the movie. The situation is similar with the series that Moviesjoy offers. For example, The Lincoln Lawyer is a Netflix Original and should only be available there!

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Illegal streaming on Moviesjoy – this threatens you if you use it

So streaming on Moviesjoy is illegal. In the past, illegal streaming on the Internet was a kind of gray area and was not legally prosecuted. In 2017, however, that changed. With a decision by the European Court of Justice, copyright infringement through illegal streaming with a Fine of 150 euros fined. Claims for damages may arise for each individual streamed content. So stay with the common and legal streaming services. If you still need help making a decision, our article on the big streaming comparison will definitely help you.

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