Streaming platforms continue to deprive cinemas of spectators

Timely. The study commissioned from the IFOP by the French Association of Arthouse Cinemas (Afcae), which has 1,200 members, on “films and series on streaming platforms” demonstrates, with supporting figures, for the opening of 75and Cannes Film Festival, which many theater operators feared. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and others have an impact on attendance at dark rooms.

Since subscribing to a video-on-demand offer, 29% of people surveyed say they will “less often at the cinema” and 12% “don’t go there anymore” at all. The majority (54%) continue to go there “at the same pace” and only 5% ” more often “. This proves that video on demand is “a serious competitor to cinema attendance”. And brings water to the mill of the Cannes Film Festival, which continues to resist Netflix and the platforms since to claim a selection in competition, the films must be released in theaters in France.

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Does the Afcae play the Cassandres? “No, it is a question of drawing up an inventory of fixtures objectified by a solid analysis” , assures François Aymé, its president. Such a quantitative study, conducted in France among 2,000 individuals aged 15 and over using the quota method between March 31 and April 5, was all the more expected since, unlike all the other media (press, television , radio, cinema), the audience of the platforms is not public. This is therefore a first, which makes it possible to know the subscription rates of operators, the motivations and uses of their subscribers or even the level of viewing of series, films for the general public or auteur cinema.

According to the study, 55% of French people subscribe to one or more video on demand offers (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, MyCanal, OCS Go, Salto, etc.). Two-thirds of “cinema regulars” (the 32% of French people who say they go there at least once a month since May 2021) subscribe to at least one platform.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix stands out as the most important video-on-demand service in France: 45% of respondents say they subscribe to it, compared to 28% to Prime Video, 19% to Disney+ and 14% to MyCanal. According to the authors, the profile of subscribers to a video-on-demand service is only distinguished by their age, which is younger than the population as a whole. It does not differ from the national average either in terms of geographical location or socio-professional category.

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