Street Assassination: Member of Kuds Brigade killed in Tehran

Attack on the street
Member of the Kuds Brigade assassinated in Tehran

The Kuds Brigade is considered Iran’s secret service. In the capital, Tehran, a member of the Bund is shot dead on the street. Meanwhile, five suspected Mossad agents are arrested in the city. The incident could aggravate the situation with Israel.

A member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has been shot dead on the street in Tehran. According to the state broadcaster Irib, the attack took place in a district in the south-east of the capital. The victim was therefore a member of the Kuds Brigades, which are also active in Syria.

According to the Tasnim news agency, the dead man was Colonel Sayad Khodai. Two men on a motorcycle drove past Khodai’s vehicle and opened fire.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards reported that they had arrested suspected members of a network of the Israeli secret service Mossad. According to the IRGC website, “rioters” believed to be working for the Mossad in Iran have been arrested. They are accused of kidnapping and theft, among other things.

Iran considers Israel its archenemy. There have always been Iranian politicians and clerics who have questioned Israel’s existence. Israel currently sees its greatest existential threat in the Iranian nuclear and missile program. Iran and its ally Hezbollah have expanded their presence in Syria in recent years. Israel’s air force has repeatedly attacked targets in the neighboring country to prevent Iran from gaining a foothold there.

Tehran also supports Israel’s enemies in the region, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and the Palestinian militant organizations Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israel has vehemently opposed Tehran’s call for the Revolutionary Guards to be removed from the US terror list.

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