Street Fighter 6 presents its dynamic controls

Already previewed during a playable beta in October, the next installment of the most popular fighting game saga presents its new mode of controls. It should not be confused with the “modern” mode already present in the build which could be tested by a few lucky ones, and which made it possible to overcome complex manipulations such as quarter circles. Dynamic Mode takes this a step further by allowing the AI ​​to take control of your character with a single repeated key press. Concretely, it is the game which decides on the action to be carried out according to the positioning of the characters in relation to each other: if they are far away, it is ranged attacks which will be carried out, close melee chain, and at mid range it will probably be a jump attack followed by a chain.

A function that allows you to learn smoothly which strategies to adopt and what the basic combos of the character played look like. Of course, there is no question of being able to use this mode of controls during an online match, where it will be deactivated. Just like the modern mode, it is anyway inconceivable to use it effectively compared to the classic mode, which allows you to control your character from A to Z. After the gag game modes, it is a new way to the Japanese developer to open up to the general public, who want to be able to have fun in single-player modes without having to stuff themselves with a hundred hours of learning the scales of the fighting game. Unfortunately, Capcom seems to be running out of ideas to present this news feature, since his presentation video simply looks like a basic combo video. Showing someone arcade stick in hand pressing a single button would probably have been better.

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