Street Fighter 6 RUMOR: Runaway Roster with Visuals, Revealing New Characters and Updated Appearances

Tonight, Capcom delighted fans of versus fighting by revealing the gameplay and first details on the new features that will be included in street fighter 6. On the side of rosterwe have had the formalization of Chun Li and something new Jamie next to Ryu and Lukebut attentive fans will also have noticed other characters present in the sets of metro citywhose a certain Kimberley at the very end of the video. Bad luck for the publisher, a large part see the entire roster base of the game seems to have leaked on the Webespecially on the side of ResetEra, visuals and names to support, and everything suggests that they are authentic. First of all, here are screenshots taken from the trailer and precisely showing some fighters still unannounced :

Street Fighter 6 screenshot fighter teasing 02 03 06 2022

As you can see, leaked visuals make it pop well Ryu, Chun Li, Luke, Jamie, Kimberley and this tall red-haired lady who would be Italian and whose name would be Mari Za. Several familiar faces would thus be back with a revisited look, while a handful of new ones would make their debut. You will find below the list of characters with their country to help you find your way around:

  • Ryu (official) – Japan;
  • Ken – United States;
  • Zangief – Russia;
  • Dhalsim – India;
  • E. Honda – Japan;
  • Blanka – Brazil;
  • Guile – United States;
  • Chun-Li (official) – China;
  • Cammy – UK;
  • Dee Jay – Jamaica;
  • Rashid – Saudi Arabia;
  • Juri – South Korea;
  • Ed – Germany;
  • Akuma – Japan;
  • Luke (formalized) – United States;
  • Mari Za (on the billboard, unpublished) – Italy;
  • Jamie (formalized, unreleased) – Hong Kong;
  • Mimi (unpublished) – France;
  • Lili (unpublished) – Mexico;
  • JP (unpublished) – Russia;
  • Kimberly (teased at the end of the trailer, previously unreleased) – United States;
  • AKI (unpublished) – China.

Street Fighter 6 roster leak 01 03 06 2022 Street Fighter 6 roster leak 02 03 06 2022Street Fighter 6 roster leak 03 03 06 2022 Street Fighter 6 roster leak 04 03 06 2022Street Fighter 6 roster leak 05 03 06 2022 Street Fighter 6 roster leak 06 03 06 2022

You will also notice that Li Fen is featured in the trailer, as is damn of finalfight (the name of the license also appears on a billboard)but nothing indicates that they will be playable for the moment, especially since the roster listed above is already well stocked for a launch and will no doubt be enriched over the years.

Street Fighter 6 screenshot fighter teasing 03 03 06 2022 Street Fighter 6 screenshot fighter teasing 04 03 06 2022 Street Fighter 6 screenshot fighter teasing 05 03 06 2022

street fighter 6 coming out in 2023, we probably have plenty of time before Capcom decides whether or not to reveal all these fighters. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition otherwise still for sale on Amazon at the price of 24.99 €.

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