Stressed shoulders: This is how you wear the 2020 trend

Not every trend is worth returning – without a doubt! Some styles, on the other hand, have been missing for decades without even knowing it. The proof of this is provided by almost every look that walked the catwalks of the fashion metropolises in 2020. Because: The 80s went into the fashionable time machine with Karacho and gave us what is probably the biggest trend for this year.

We're talking about power shoulders! Admittedly, we have been wearing blazers with shoulder pads up and down for a few seasons – in 2020, however, the designers will go one step further and also pimp blouses, pullovers and dresses with the emphasized shoulder line. The focus is no longer just on shoulder pads. Puff sleeves, flounces, sweeping collars and hinted capes determine our look this spring and summer.

This is how you style power shoulders

The most important thing in advance: Wear the trend with self-confidence! Broad shoulders stand for strength and power and are a real statement. So you have to feel the style first and foremost. The second important factor is the proportions. Power shoulders can quickly appear severe. A narrow belted waist or a deep V-neck, on the other hand, compensate for this and ensure a great silhouette.

Pay particular attention to the materials when it comes to blouses and dresses. Flowing fabrics such as silk or chiffon bring a beautiful contrast to your look with their feminine appearance, while heavy fabrics such as jeans or leather increase the cool factor.

For all those who still have to dare to tackle this new (old) trend, we advise them to go for tone-on-tone looks. They make the style appear like a single piece and take away the striking feature of the broad shoulder area. Even playful prints such as floral patterns occasionally draw attention to something other than the shoulders.

If you prefer to go for sweet instead of strict, you can choose styles with puffed sleeves or small ruffled wings. They still focus on the shoulders, but overall make for a softer and more feminine look.