Strike hits vacationers – “How do we get on to Vienna now?”

A rare sight in one of the busiest places in the country: on Monday there was a yawning emptiness at the main train station in Salzburg due to the railway workers’ warning strike. The “Krone” was there.

Seven o’clock in the morning at Salzburg’s main train station. It’s still dark, only a few people are hurrying across the forecourt. A tired little boy strolls in the direction of the trains. But then he stops abruptly in front of the large scoreboard. “All train traffic stopped” is written on it. He quickly pulls out his mobile phone and suddenly seems very alert. As reported, all regional and long-distance trains were canceled on Monday due to the failed wage negotiations between the union and the employers. “The regional express to Wörgl is canceled today. The reason for this is the strike. We apologize,” sounded from the station’s loudspeakers. These and similar announcements echoed through the station concourse in a continuous loop. But not there, passengers also waited in vain for their means of transport at the local railway and the bus station. Only Albus and regional buses from the transport association were in use. Service employees helped stranded train passengers “I just found out that the local train will not run,” said a man, stunned, when he tried to get more information on his cell phone. While ÖBB employees gave the stranded information to the train station, there were no service employees at the local train and bus stops. “Then I’ll just walk to the vocational school today,” said student Jona Größlinger. Most Salzburgers knew about the 24-hour warning strike. Holidaymakers who were stranded helplessly at the train station were particularly affected. “We come from Argentina and now we don’t know how to get to Vienna,” said Augustina (28) and Marianna (25), who wandered through the train station with bag and baggage. They weren’t alone in that. Anjali and Arya, two vacationers from India, were also hoping for a miracle.
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