Strike still averted? – Struggles for Bahn-KV: long night in negotiations

On the question of what it takes for the warning strike to be averted, Tauchner said: “The Chamber of Commerce needs to understand that what we have asked for is necessary so that the railway workers can continue to live a decent life.” Tauchner went on to say about possible leeway: “There is leeway in the design of the result, of course a small part can be done via the ‘cost-of-living bonus’ offered”. He was alluding to a one-time payment of 1,000 euros offered by the employer. The main part of a deal must be the increase in the KV and actual salaries, Tauchner confirmed. One-off payments have so far been rejected by the individual ÖGB sub-unions in the current autumn wage round. Such are “not sustainable”.

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