Striker threatens failure against RB: Bayern now has a Lewandowski problem

Striker threatens failure against RB
Bayern now has a Lewandowski problem

When Robert Lewandowski had to be replaced in the international match with a painful knee, it caused great concern at Bayern. A serious injury is quickly ruled out, but the Pole could still be missing in the possibly decisive game for the championship.

According to the Polish Football Association, world footballer Robert Lewandowski has to take a break of a few days due to injury. A mission of the 32-year-old international striker for the top Bundesliga game on Saturday (6.30 p.m. in the live ticker) of his FC Bayern Munich at RB Leipzig would be very questionable. Lewandowski was substituted on Sunday evening in Poland’s World Cup qualifier against Andorra (3-0) after a good hour. An opponent fell on the striker’s leg in the penalty area.

Initial statements had raised hopes of a quick return of the star striker: “He felt a little pain in his knee,” said Poland coach Paulo Sousa after the game. “That’s why we put a little ice on it. (…) He has to rest and sleep well now. As I said, we hope it’s nothing serious.” Uli Hoeneß, long-time owner of the big FC Bayern, said as an expert of RTL after the first look at the pictures of the painful duel, in which an opponent fell unhappily on the leg of the Pole and Lewandowski’s replacement: “My heart just stopped. Let’s hope not much has happened. ”

Then Hoeneß picked up the phone to inquire about the condition of the successful striker while the program was still running. “The first forecasts don’t look too bad,” Hoeneß was able to quickly announce live on the station. Investigations have now shown a ligament injury in the right knee, said the Polish association.

As the association also announced, Lewandowski will not play against England on Wednesday and instead return to Bayern early for further treatment. Such injuries usually take “five to ten days” to heal. A race against time is now beginning for FC Bayern. Four days after the top game, the record champions have to play again in the quarter-final first leg of the Champions League against the star ensemble of Paris Saint-Germain.