Strong, affordable ANC headphones: the Soundcore Life Q30 is a best-seller

The Soundcore Life Q30 from Anker are Bluetooth ANC headphones that impress with their endurance, good sound and effective noise suppression. It plays at a high level, but costs only a third of what you otherwise have to pay for such quality.

Anker was able to impress a year ago with its Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro wireless earphones, which offer a great sound and great endurance at a very fair price. Now the Chinese have launched the circumaural ANC headphones Soundcore Life Q30, which costs only 80 euros. And again it is impressive how much Anker delivers for so little money.

Chic case, solid workmanship

The headphones have an attractive design.

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It starts with the fact that the device is sold with a neat and sturdy case that would look good on headphones that are three times as expensive. And the headset itself also looks much higher quality than its price suggests. The workmanship is flawless, no creaking disturbs the listening pleasure, and the headphones sit very comfortably thanks to their generous padding. And because the shells are nice and big and the contact pressure is just right, the 260 gram Soundcore Life Q30 can easily be carried for several hours.

Controlling the headphones is very easy thanks to the three clearly distinguishable buttons on the right earpiece. With a long press on Loud or Soft you can jump a track forwards or backwards, with the third button you interrupt playback, take calls or start the smartphone's digital assistant. On the left there is also a power switch and a button for noise suppression. The pause button is needed more often because the headphones unfortunately do not have a sensor to automatically pause playback when you take them off.

Amazingly good sound

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In this price range, a stylish transport cover is not a matter of course.

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The sound of the Soundcore Life Q30 is astonishingly good for its price, you definitely have the feeling of wearing a more expensive upper-class headset. It has strongly pronounced mids, accentuated highs and very powerful bass. Overall, the tuning is warmer and not as neutral as, for example, with Sennheiser headphones.

With the bass, Anker exaggerates a bit, according to's taste, but that's not a problem. Because in the associated app you will find 22 different sound patterns, where "Flach" as an all-rounder is better than the "Soundcore Signature". The equalizer also allows personal settings. The headphones also cut a fine figure when making calls, although the person you are speaking to hears their own voice a little quietly.

Effective noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation is very effective, traffic noise and other uniform background noises are significantly suppressed. The typical ANC self-noise is very limited. You can select three modes in the app: traffic, indoor, outdoor. The button on the left shell can be used to switch ANC on and off or activate the transparency mode in order to perceive ambient noise.

Hübsch: If you want to relax without music, you can mix different natural sounds and a carillon to create a personal soundscape in the app. If you want to fall asleep while doing this, there is a timer.

Great persistence

The endurance of the Soundcore Life Q30 is a real upper class. Anker promises up to 40 hours in Bluetooth ANC mode, at higher volumes it is still significantly more than 30 hours. In normal operation, the headphones should even last up to 60 hours without a socket.

All in all, the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 offers a very strong price-performance ratio, and it doesn't have to hide from significantly more expensive headphones. Sound and ANC are good, its endurance excellent.

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