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Female doctors would look unprofessional if they show off in a bikini on social media, a study found. A doctor has answered her authors accurately!

Please note, this article contains pictures which show injuries and which may shock the sensitivity.

A study published some time ago in the very serious Journal of Vascular Surgery aroused outrage among female doctors. The latter, taking an interest in the image of doctors on social networks, concluded that the latter looked unprofessional if they posted pictures of them drinking alcohol. Women doctors would be "non-professional" if they appear not wearing a bikini or other outfits deemed "inappropriate".

This study particularly shocked Dr. Candice Myhre, who practices in Hawaii. Recently, she herself saved the life of a swimmer by intervening on a beach in Kalaheo … in a bikini. "Dr. Bikini will save your life in the middle of the ocean when you are hit by a boat", she begins on Instagram. "I am an emergency doctor in solidarity with women vascular surgeons today. News flash: women doctors can wear whatever they want. […] This does not change our ability to be a health professional. We can wear what we want in our free time, and save your life anyway ", she rightly points out.

“Sexism in medicine is alive and well. But that won't stop us. In this ridiculous article in a respected medical journal, the authors set out to determine how many vascular surgeons were involved in what they claim to be a "inappropriate behavior on social media", which they defined as women in bikinis – but remember this: not men in swimsuits ", she explains, very recovered. Dr Myrhe points out that the study was carried out by three men … They subsequently retracted and apologized, explaining that they wanted "empower" their colleagues, a very meager apology for the sexism of their report.

In response, Candice Myhre launched the hashtag "MedBikini", encouraging her colleagues to show that they could be perfectly competent, even when they wore a swimsuit in their spare time. Many female doctors have responded, and we applaud them!

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