Study confirms: intelligent women have a harder time with men

According to a study
What! Intelligence turns men off

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Jealousy? Arrogance? Stubbornness? All wrong! According to one study, intelligence in women turns men off. Oh dear …

Apparently we can never please the men. If we dress simply, we are uptight. Let’s show a lot of skin, a bitch. If we don’t talk much, we are shy. Let’s talk a lot, exhausting. To be honest: Always having to find the golden mean is quite exhausting – and we don’t even need to! A study is now making dating even more complicated. Because it brought a surprising result to light.

Smart women put men off

Scientists at Columbia University have a study examined the dating behavior of 500 men and women. Using a speed dating experiment, they wanted to find out what influence attractiveness and intelligence have on the likelihood of a second meeting.

The result: Even if attractiveness is more important to women than intelligence, a man can score points with both characteristics. The prettier and smarter, the better his chances of seeing each other again. In addition, a man could compensate for a lack of attractiveness with great intelligence – and vice versa.

It was completely different for women: the male participants were put off rather than turned on by smart women. The men only wanted to see an average attractive woman again if she was not very intelligent (not 10/10 on the scale). Extremely smart women could only score in one case: if they were also extremely attractive.

Ouch! We thought clever women generally look sexy. Do all singles who don’t look like a supermodel now have to pretend to be more stupid?

Just don’t let yourself be unsettled!

Sorry men, we’re doing some nonsense to please you (and to be honest: it’s way too much!). After this study, we will definitely NOT sell ourselves as fools to look more attractive. In addition: As is well known, every study can be refuted …


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