Study: This is how many hours it takes men and women to get ready every day

study reveals
People spend so much of their lives making themselves beautiful

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After the make-up has been removed, the mask and a rich moisturizing cream – or perhaps beautifully painted fingernails for a special occasion. A study shows how much time we spend every day looking beautiful.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable until we’ve dressed up a little in the morning. We want to feel presentable, even in the home office we pay attention to the shower in case the postman rings or we leave the apartment spontaneously. According to a new study, it’s not just us, but the majority of people – including men. Because in a large-scale Opinion poll with 93,158 people in 93 countries worldwide showed: The time that men and women invest in their appearance is pretty close together.

People use so much of their lifetime to be presentable

If you look at the average values ​​of the test subjects, they spend about 1/6 of the entire day making themselves beautiful. On average, women spend almost four hours a day looking good, compared to 3.6 hours a day for men. This was evident in both older and younger people, and in people who were in a relationship as well as single people. The scientists found a strong connection to a longer self-care time in the social media use of the participants. But apparently it is really important to almost everyone to spend at least a certain amount of time on their appearance. 99 percent of people said they invest more than 10 minutes a day to improve their looks.

Why people want to look good

One Cornell University study from 2021 came to the conclusion that attractive people could appear more trustworthy to other people. In an experiment, they examined whether subjects tended to trust an attractive person when investing in finances than a less attractive person. It turned out that even if the attractive person lost money through investments, the participants stayed with the fictitious, attractive person. The facts, which rather spoke against his abilities and cooperation, were not further considered.

Generally though, people find different things attractive. There are certain standards that have been shaped, for example, by the media. Nevertheless, what a person finds beautiful is very individual. However, a certain level of personal hygiene and a well-groomed appearance is important to many people, like a study figured out. So it’s no wonder that we ourselves also want others to have a good picture of us.

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