Study: This sport makes you particularly popular with men

Study shows
This sport makes you particularly attractive for men

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Do you want to start a new sport? If you happen to be looking for a man at the moment, we can recommend a very special one based on a study …

Sport is generally good for us: it lifts our mood, keeps us fit and healthy, strengthens our self-confidence, improves our body awareness – and the pizza in the evening tastes better after a day with a little exercise than after 14 hours motionless on a chair , Couch or other piece of seating furniture. In addition: Anyone who does sport and regularly goes out for it usually has a much better chance of getting to know people than a couch potato who prefers physical inactivity. Whether you are jogging or (in non-pandemic times) in the gym, you are never alone when training and you share a hobby with new acquaintances.

Convinced? Excellent! Then the only question that remains is which sport is the right one for you. And for those looking for partners or men, we have a very hot tip …

Study on the degree of attractiveness of different sports

A study on behalf of the online sports goods retailer "" examined which types of sport are most attractive to the opposite sex and which ones are used to get the most right swipes and matches on Tinder. The six disciplines of jogging, cycling, yoga, weightlifting, climbing and hiking entered the race. The persons responsible for the study created a total of 12 profiles, six male and six female, which were identical in all respects – except for the type of sport that the test person practiced on their profile picture. With each profile, they swiped exactly 200 times to the right – and then looked at how many matches they got. In fact, the differences were sometimes considerable.

Most men found these sports attractive

The female guinea pig received the most matches on two wheels: 116 times the cyclist was also swiped to the right by other users. The runner's profile was basically on par with 114 matches.

Ironically, it goes downhill from third place onwards: The test person achieved 68 right swipes with climbing and 32 with yoga.However, weightlifting and hiking were only attractive for 10 and 9 single men, respectively.

Most women found these sports attractive

The ranking of the male profile was completely different from that of the female profile, and there were generally far fewer matches (which again shows that men swipe to the right much more often than women – why …?). Here yoga was in first place with 25 matches, followed by weightlifting with 21 hits. 14 women found the cycling experimental rabbit attractive, climbers and runners 11 and 10 respectively, and for the hiker two women could warm up – a night together in a mountain hut in the same sleeping bag can be soooo romantic.


And what do we learn from this? If you want to collect a lot of matches on Tinder, you should get on your bike, start running or at least pretend for your profile picture. If you want to find your dream man, i. H. someone who really suits her and shares her interests should stick with the tried and true, be authentic, do what she feels like and show herself for who she is. This may reduce the number of matches – but it certainly increases the chance of a perfect match.