“Stupid entertainment”: this actor refused to play in Star Wars

Actor Michael Shannon, currently starring in the superhero film “The Flash”, recently explained why he turned down a role in the “Star Wars” saga. And he’s not tender…

Michael Shannon is not a big Star Wars fan, and that’s an understatement! Currently starring in the superheroic feature film The Flash, which sees him reprising his General Zod character, the American actor said at the microphone of Empire having refused a role in the famous intergalactic saga. For what ? The answer is cash!

“I’m always a little wary of these gigantic films”says Michael Shannon in comments reported by Digitalspy. “I’m a little wary of them because they take a long time to make and because I don’t find it very stimulating to work on this kind of project.” An astonishing speech when the 48-year-old actor is therefore at this very moment in the credits of one of these big productions that he criticizes.

“I don’t want to get stuck in a franchise”continues Shannon. “I don’t find them interesting and I don’t want to be part of their growth. If I do something, I want there to be a purpose, I don’t want to do stupid entertainment. The world doesn’t need stupid entertainment. This kind of entertainment that floods us.” Disney Studios will appreciate the tackle.

Not a fan of big XXL productions, as he had already said in March at the microphone of the Looper site, Michael Shannon is however well in the credits of The Flash since this Wednesday. A return to the superhero genre that he owes to Zack Snyder, who directed him in Man of Steel in 2013.

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