“Sturm der Liebe” star Dieter Bach turns 60: “I was never interested in age”

“Storm of Love” star Dieter Bach is celebrating his 60th birthday on Saturday. He reveals what the number means to him in a birthday interview.

For five years, actor Dieter Bach has been starring as Christoph Saalfeld in the popular telenovela “Sturm der Liebe” (weekdays, 3:10 p.m., the first). Now the audience favorite is celebrating a big birthday privately. The Cologne native explains what the number 60 means to him in an interview with spot on news. Among other things, he also reveals how he celebrates – differently than planned, that much can be revealed in advance – and what he does for his physical and mental fitness.

Your 60th birthday is on December 9th. How will you celebrate?

Dieter Bach: I actually wanted to have a big party for my 60th birthday with all my friends. But at 60 you just have such a large circle of friends and mine is spread all over the world. It will be difficult to get everyone together. Now I have planned the complete contrast program. I celebrate with a small meal with a few friends and then go to the mountains on my birthday with a very small group of people. Of course my dog ​​Pria is also there.

What does this birthday mean to you?

Bach: First of all, of course, this birthday means that you are definitely heading into the last third of your life. There is no way around this realization. Nor should it. But actually, throughout my life, I have never been interested in age, either in myself or in others. I’m also really bad at estimating people’s ages. I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 30, 40 or 50. The only thing that changes is the wealth of experience you carry with you. And that is something very beautiful.

What do you wish for the new year of life?

Bach: In addition to health, satisfaction and happiness – none of which can be taken for granted – my main wish for the next year is exciting encounters with people who inspire me.

What is on your personal bucket list for the coming years?

Bach: I don’t have a bucket list. If something is so important that it belongs on a list like this, then you better do it right away, or at least as quickly as possible. I now also like to be surprised by life. There are so many possibilities that appear that you overlook when you have too fixed ideas about the future. The Englishman says: Go with the flow [Dt. Schwimm mit dem Strom].

What are you doing differently today than you were 30 years ago?

Bach: These days, at least I think, I treat my fellow human beings more gently and leniently, but also myself. But I have also become impatient. Nowadays I can isolate myself better and need a lot more time for myself. I also live healthier now. Most of the time anyway (laughs).

Speaking of which, you seem very fit. What do you do for your physical and mental fitness?

Bach: My dog ​​is primarily responsible for my fitness. We hike a lot, preferably in the mountains. Three years ago I discovered playing golf. I find this to be an optimal combination of endurance, muscle training and mental training. Luckily I found a golf course that allows dogs, so Pria can always be there too. Otherwise, the only other exercise I do very regularly is yoga. To keep my mind fit, I meditate daily. And learning the role texts does the rest.

You have been part of the popular telenovela “Sturm der Liebe” for five years. This makes you one of the veterans. What do you value most about this work?

Bach: I really enjoy playing. And the stories that I get to play in “Sturm der Liebe” give me a wonderful opportunity to let off steam and keep trying new things. We also have a great ensemble, both in front of and behind the camera. That’s not unimportant given this filming workload.

“Storm of Love” is known for its enormous amount of text. How do you deal with that?

Bach: I deal with the scripts as early as possible. We usually get them three weeks before the corresponding episodes are filmed. I then read them for the first time and “learn them”. Then I push them aside again. This way the texts can “settle” in the subconscious. Fortunately, I am very structured and disciplined when it comes to my work.

What’s the best way to unwind after a tiring day of filming?

Bach: In fact, the best way for me to switch off is to cook. When I have the time, I love trying out new recipes, and when I have less time I can whip up something simple from my repertoire. Listening to music is also an important part of my life that contributes to my relaxation, even live. So going to a concert or the opera every now and then is nourishment for my soul. But first and foremost, after a day of filming, I have to go for a walk with my dog. Then I arrived at the end of the workday.

Not only is your birthday coming up, but also Christmas and the turn of the year. How are you celebrating Christmas this year?

Bach: For me there is hardly anything nicer at Christmas than being in the mountains. Best with snow. That’s why I’m staying in Munich.

What is your most memorable Christmas experience?

Bach: As a boy, I played the organ in a church music quartet in church on Christmas Eve. The very first time at the age of ten. I remember that it was both incredibly exciting and very celebratory for me at the time. There is a piece of music from that evening that when I hear it today, it immediately takes me back to the Christmas season of my childhood.

What does your personal balance look like in 2023?

Bach: In contrast to all the terrible things that have happened in the world this year, my personal 2023 was a good year. I have every reason to be grateful.

What can your fans look forward to in the coming year?

Bach: Of course, fans can look forward to many new exciting episodes with Christoph Saalfeld. After all, the question arises as to whether he and Alexandra [Daniela Kiefer, Red.] get together again and maybe even end up at the altar. Christoph will also become more combative again, a development that I am personally very happy about. In addition, at the beginning of the year I can also be seen in an episode “Hubert without Staller”. What I’m looking forward to myself in the next year are the unexpected opportunities that 2024 will bring. As I said: Go with the flow.


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