Style of the French women: They swear by these 5 pieces in autumn 2020

Have you already converted your wardrobe for autumn? If not, leave a little more space, because our neighbors from France are once again showing how we can get through the new season with confidence.

When it comes to style, it's hard to fool a nation. French women are practically born with fashion and have always been our number one point of contact when it comes to cool looks with that certain something. Scrolling through the French girls' Instagram pages is roughly part of our daily routine like inhaling our coffee in the morning – and is worth gold right now at the start of the new season.

We have therefore taken a closer look at the latest outfits of the French influencers and identified the five most important must-haves for this autumn. Are you ready for a little "Oh la la" and "Uh, c'est chic"?

1. Two-piece

Nothing works in autumn without cuddly cords – that's the way it is with us and with French women anyway. Instead of having to wear the same favorite sweater year after year as soon as the temperatures drop below the magical 10-degree limit, our neighbors prefer cozy two-piece suits this season. Cardigan + Top is the magic formula here, which not only helps to create a cozy look, but also gives your look that legendary nonchalance in no time at all. For the look to be successful, French women rely on soft, high-quality wool and cuts that just end above the waistband. Now let one page slide casually over your shoulder – et voilà!

2. Wide leg jeans

Gone are the days when we squeezed into the tightest skinny jeans with the help of a Christmas tree funnel. The French women are living a much more comfortable – and by the way much cooler – style this fall. In the land of croissants and café au laits, jeans have a few extra centimeters on the leg this season. High cut and never too long, wide leg jeans are celebrating their comeback and, in combination with boots and feminine tops, will become the new favorite piece of Frenchies.

3. Leather dress

French women are known for their infallible sense of fashion and the art of combining basics with one another in such a way that a look emerges that makes every supposedly trendy outfit look old. One or the other fashion piece still makes the leap into the wardrobes of the girls from our neighboring country every season. Current object of desire: the leather dress. Très élégante with high boots or très sportive with sneakers – the leather dress is one of the absolute autumn favorites of French fashion girls. When choosing the perfect dress, however, consider the following: The dress must not be too short (preferably midi!) And come along with cool details such as a tie belt and puffy sleeves.

4. High boots

If the designers and fashionistas of the world have their way, each of us needs a pair of combat boots in our shoe collection this fall. French women would not be the true style icons of this time, if they didn't give a damn about this clunky trend and give it a gently whispered "Non, merci!" would crash. They prefer to stay true to themselves and their style and unpack their beloved shaft boots again in 2020. They keep you just as warm, but make a much nicer leg and give every look that touch of luxury without appearing decadent. Well, we can't say much more about that either, except "Oui, oui, oui!"

5. knitted dress

The two-piece suit is already one of their autumn essentials, but that doesn’t stop the French women’s passion for knitting. This autumn, knitted dresses are also joining the fashion favorites – extra narrow and extra long. The advantage: the dresses not only defy the cool autumn temperatures, they are also the perfect key piece for every day-to-night look. After work for a glass of white wine in the bar around the corner? The knitted dress makes it possible.