Style your cardigan festively – that's how it works

The cardigan is our all-time favorite. It goes without saying that we won't ignore him in winter either. Here are four styling ideas that you will love.

The cardigan is one of our absolute must-haves – forever. That's why we don't even dream of leaving the good piece hanging in the closet in winter. We just style it differently on cold days – and a little more glamorous than usual.

1st statement

Nobody said that we couldn't wear our favorite cardigans alone, right ?! That's why we combine our favorite pieces as an absolute statement. So if you have colored cardigans (preferably with pretty buttons) in your closet, then just wear them like a sweater. And no, there doesn't always have to be something underneath – unless you're otherwise freezing. By the way, colors such as dark green, red or royal building have a particularly festive effect. They go perfectly with lederhosen or classic jeans.

2. Two are better than one

With this look, our favorite piece comes in a double pack. Twin sets are still very popular – and that's why we wear them in winter too. The wool combinations don't make it too cold either. If you want, you can explicitly rely on patterns this winter, which means that we give the station wagon a special twist. If that's too much for you, just stick with plain-colored stick combinations – they're just as beautiful.

3. Classic-cool combination

Our favorite cardigan becomes really stylish when we combine it with a simple white blouse. It looks out at the top and bottom, so that the overall look is a little more relaxed. The blouse doesn't have to sit really neatly or even be ironed, you can do that without it this winter! The only important thing is: it should be long enough, otherwise we can leave it at once, and the cardigan should preferably have a V-neck.

4. With lace

We love bralettes – especially lace. That's why we now prefer to combine them with an oversize cardigan made of coarse knit. Straps and lace can definitely shine here, but the cardigan should still cover enough. This means that the look is neither too revealing nor too boring. The perfect combination for every occasion.