Styling: With these 3 styling rules, you can combine leather and knitwear like a shopping queen

Cozy & chic
Fast styling for leather and knitwear

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If you are looking for a cozy and at the same time elegant look, you don’t have to stop at leather. On the contrary…

Cozy and chic with leather and knitwear. Such looks are not only an absolute eye-catcher in winter, but also in the transitional periods: in other words, autumn and spring. When you think of lederhosen, you might forget that the color palette has been expanded a lot in the meantime. It no longer has to be just the black or brown piece – many labels now have red, yellow, purple and many other colors up their sleeves.

Cozy & Chic: Styling runs as if by itself

Wind and weather resistant

It is not for nothing that a high-quality leather jacket belongs in every wardrobe: we can enjoy it all year round and make full use of the numerous styling possibilities. Whether in the evening with the girls, in everyday life or to loosen up floral dresses – we don’t say no to a portion of soft grunge with a casual biker jacket. But it is also elegant with a short coat. It is up to you which piece of knitwear is hidden underneath.

Short or long

A skirt is not optimal for every situation and on some stormy winter days it is also a bit… too cold. If, for once, you don’t want to wear jeans, then the leather pants give your outfit a boost. Paired with wool tights, A-line shorts withstand the cold and at the same time are airy in warm temperatures. The most important rule when buying leather trousers is to buy a model that fits the natural shape of the body. And don’t buy too small! You quickly look like a pressed sausage and torture yourself into it unnecessarily. It is better to fall back on exactly your size and above all: to feel comfortable in it.

Knitwear is not just knitwear

And leather is not just leather. The variations are numerous, from vegan leather (which is of course the most animal-friendly!) to suede, faux leather or genuine leather. There is smooth leather or nappa leather that is tanned, resulting in a “scarred” structure. This versatility also applies to cozy knitwear: the question is often coarse or fine. In order to prevent it from becoming too bulky under the leather jacket, it is best to use fine-knit dresses and tops. They have the advantage that they are cuddly and do not restrict freedom of movement. For a little more elegance, all you need is your favorite ankle boots and a blouse – over or under it is up to you.


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