Sublime and solar Vanessa Paradis in a small top and large summer hat: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

She definitely hasn't finished fascinating us. Since he started, the pretty frenchy revealed in 1987 when she was only a high school student with her hit Joe the cab, has only inspired us. And it will never stop. Discreet in nature, it is no less popular, quite the contrary. She even remains one of the most coveted personalities. And those that we want to preserve. Singer with a unique voice to start but also (very good) actress and obviously glamorous muse, like the Chanel house to which she has always remained faithful. We could also see the irresistible Vanessa Paradis in tweed and rhinestones at the last parade of the brand at the double C where only the ambassadors were invited (Editor's note: due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Ultra-chic, she took place among a VIP audience where also attended Marion Cotillard, Lily-Rose Depp or Penélope Cruz all sublime in Chanel as well. And these last days, it's on glossy paper that we find the beauty with the perfect wavy that always makes the happiness of her loyal fans.

Vanessa Paradis divine in summer outfit: her looks inspire us

Radiant at 48, the star continues to put stars in her eyes everywhere she goes. Although she is not a regular on TV shows or public appearances in general, she does tip her nose when it comes to championing a noble cause. This was the case on February 6, when the quadra took part in the show Secours Pop, the great solidarity evening, on France 2. The opportunity for her fans to find Vanessa Paradis sublime in a little top, stiletto heels and shimmering kimono come here to interpret Need love by France Gall in duet with M and accompanied by Catherine Ringer, Tété and Irma. We could also have seen Vanessa Paradis canon in velvet pants, hat and vintage boots at the time of rehearsals. All of this mingled with mad grace, as usual.
A real breeze of freshness even and above all her own style very marked since her beginnings. Of assertive looks, always. From the most retro to the most rock, or even bohemian like recently when hot Vanessa Paradis in a little hippy dress had a blast alongside M at a live concert in December.
Crisp with her pretty pout, the singer with the slender figure wears everything with style and above all natural. Like an icon. This is what the magazine She wanted to highlight at the heart of his latest special issue She icon and who wanted to open the ball with Vanessa Paradis. A beautiful tribute to the star we saw grow up and one of the most emblematic of his generation, for sure. On the cover of this magazine, released on February 12, we see in particular the solar, magnetic young woman with long hair wearing a large hat that suits her so well. A snapshot immortalized in 2002 under the lens of the great photographer Ellen Von Unwerth who has since been widely relayed on the Web and in particular on the Instagram account of the famous hairdresser John Nollet who had her hair done at the time. It is clear that she has this undeniable extra soul, which still promises to perpetuate this divine idyll with an audience always under the spell.

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