Subscribe to Amazon Prime for 3.99 euros: Anyone in Germany who is entitled to the mini price

On the broadcasting fee website, you can view the requirements for the reduced tariff in detail. Accordingly, those who:
  • receive unemployment benefit II or social benefit,
  • receive support for subsistence according to SGB XII,
  • Recipients of basic security in old age and in the case of reduced earning capacity,
  • BAföG, vocational training grant, training allowance according to §§ 122ff. receive SGB III and do not live with the parents,
  • receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,
  • Assistance for the blind, assistance with care according to SGB XII, assistance with care as a benefit of war victim welfare according to the BVG, care allowances according to the Burden Equalization Act or care allowance according to state regulations.

In addition, the following people can also be exempted from the broadcasting fee and thus take out the Prime subscription at a reduced price:

  • Persons who are granted an exemption due to a need for care,
  • Adults residing in an inpatient facility as part of a benefit grant.

In order to obtain a social pass, you must:

  • Benefits according to SGB II,
  • Subsistence allowance according to SGB XII,
  • Basic security in old age and in the case of reduced earning capacity according to SGB XII,
  • Benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act,
  • Receive housing benefit with at least three children entitled to child benefit or
  • Severely disabled with a degree of disability of at least 80 percent or a family with a severely disabled child (degree of disability of at least 50 percent), or
  • have a net income below the garnishment exemption limit.

If you meet one of these requirements and either have the social pass or are exempt from the broadcasting license fee, you can apply for Amazon Prime for financially weak people on this website:

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