Subscription 3 euros per month, the new Casino offer for customers over 65

After the students, the Casino group has decided to support seniors, particularly affected by the rise in inflation. People over 65 can subscribe to CasinoMax for the sum of 3 euros per month against 10 euros usually. This subscription offers a 10% discount on the entire store at each checkout.

After offering the CasinoMax subscription for 2 euros per month for students, the retail group offers the possibility for people over 65 to benefit from it for 3 euros since May 3, reports The Parisian. As a reminder, this subscription, usually billed at 10 euros per month, makes it possible to obtain 10% discount on his entire shopping cart each checkout.

We can clearly see that the elderly are particularly affected by the phenomenon of inflation, the amount of pensions not increasing very quickly. We have therefore considered how to support them and restore their purchasing power, explained Cdric Osternaud, marketing and innovation director for Casino Signs.

A profitable subscription ds 30euros of purchases

If the group is interested in the over 65s, it is also because they represent 28% of its clientele. Since its launch at the beginning of the month, this offer has already met with great success with our customers with several thousand subscriptions taken outsaid Cdric Osternaud.

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And for good reason, Casino wanted to remind you that a subscription of 3 euros per month was profitable from 30 euros of purchases in store. But this is also part of a more general framework, Casino having already set up the free home delivery for those over 65, from a minimum order amount of 60 euros, without forgetting priority passage at the checkout or a concierge service.

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