Succession season 4: “The Depraved Brothers”, this spin-off of the series that fans are asking for!

While it has been announced that season 4 of “Succession” will be the last, fans of the series already know what spin-off they would dream of seeing!

For years now, Succession fans have dreamed of seeing a spin-off devoted to Greg and Tom, the unlikely duo formed by these two outsiders who are among the allies of the patriarch Roy Logan. And who are therefore adversaries of his three children Kendall, Roman and Shiv, despite the fact that Tom is married to the latter, and that Greg is their cousin.

For its first episode, the fourth (and last) season of Succession again offered us exceptional moments of anthology involving this duo, having apparently adopted the nickname of “Depraved Brothers” (“The Disgusting brothers” in VO) in reference to their escapades as wealthy New York bachelors.

As is often the nature of the friendship that binds Tom to Greg open to interpretation, the latter only seeming to agree to go out with his protege only to hide his loneliness (and his imminent divorce with Shiv) but also to satisfy his unhealthy desires to humiliate and corrupt Greg.

Many Succession fans have been clamoring on social media for a Depraved Brothers spin-off, and who knows if HBO might end up making that television dream a reality in the years to come?

The episodes of the fourth and final season of Succession can be found every Monday exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video platform, via the Warner Pass.

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