Such a Big Sun (Spoilers): Hugo is in a loop, and François increasingly doubts his son’s abilities

On April 3 in Un si grand soleil (France 2, 8:45 p.m.), Becker refuses to admit the obvious, Alex accumulates blunders and Boris begins to understand that he has been manipulated.

Before leaving for L Cosmétiques, Elisabeth (Chrystelle Labaude) confides to Alain (Frédéric Van Den Driessche) that she feels relieved to soon be able to move on and to have, in fact, more time to devote to her. In the meantime, a meeting is organized with François (Jérémie Covillaud). The atmosphere is tense. Boris (Jules Bahloul) stands alongside his father in front of the employees. He listens to her reassure them and promise them reclassification in the event of restructuring. His serious expression betrays his concern. Tensions and differences arise in relationships between employees. When a little later, Boris talks about this meeting with his mother, she begs him to keep in mind François’ real intentions in this matter. Seeing her father exasperated, Laurine (Léa Gillard) probes him to find out how the meeting went. François takes the opportunity to pour out all the contempt he has for his son.

Hugo’s obsession

Hugo (Bibi Tanga) takes his courage in both hands and dares to ask Becker (Yvon Back) the reasons for the discomfort he feels towards him. Becker, annoyed, cuts their conversation short. The commissioner then finds Manu (Moïse Santamaria) and Alex (Benjamin Bourgois) to inform them that the test results have come back and that, among them, three are positive for alcohol. Alex has difficulty hiding his relief and causes his superior’s incomprehension. Hugo doesn’t give up and asks Alex to help him understand what Becker is accusing him of. He does not hesitate to point out to her that he owes her a favor. Levy then clumsily tries to get answers but gets his nose blown by the commissioner. Hugo is on repeat. Sabine (Gaëla Le Dévéhat) points this out to him and asks him to stop being paranoid. For his part, Becker, in bad faith, tells Janet (Tonya Kinzinger) that he does not understand why Hugo is pushing him to confess an alleged enmity. Knowing her husband, she suggests inviting Sabine and Hugo to dinner, which he instantly refuses on the pretext that six months are not enough to really consider them a couple. Janet makes fun of him.

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