Such a big sun: to escape the police, Christophe diverts suspicion towards Father Sylvio

Would Christophe have found a way to escape the police once again in Un si grand soleil?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Un si grand soleil. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Would Christophe (Hubert Benhamdine) have found a way to get out of it in Un si grand soleil?

Suspected by Cécile (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) of being The Florist, Christophe redoubles his efforts to ward off suspicion. And to achieve his ends, the latter will not hesitate to use Father Sylvio (Marcel Gonzalez) during the next episodes of the France 2 daily soap opera.

It must be said that Father Sylvio has all the makings of the ideal culprit since he shares many points in common with the profile of the serial killer. Indeed, the priest is a former bush doctor capable of performing surgical procedures. Witness to numerous massacres during a mission in Darfur, he was even the victim of numerous severe depressive episodes.

If his profile matches that of the Florist, his hasty departure for Paraguay and other disturbing elements only reinforce suspicions against him. Blessed bread for Christophe who will not be asked to continue to cultivate the guilt of the man of the church in the rest of the series.


In a new extract available on the platformChristophe calls Father Sylvio to inform him that he is now part of the list of suspects.

Exiled to Paraguay to distance himself from Janet (Tonya Kinzinger), the priest then plans to take the first plane to Montpellier to go see the investigators and tell them that he is innocent.

However, Christophe knows how to manipulate his friend. “You must tell them that you did not go to Paraguay to flee justice but to flee a woman“, he explains to her.

Obviously, the man of faith refuses to destroy Janet’s marriage to exonerate himself. This is why he asks Christophe what he would do in his place. “This is only the beginning of the investigation“, he replies before continuing. “I think things will settle down over time and the culprit will be arrested.“.

For Christophe, the best thing to do is to stay in Paraguay until the police realize that he is innocent. And the veterinarian added with aplomb: “In any case, that’s what I would do“.

Convinced by his arguments, Father Sylvio then decides to follow his advice.

This should sort things out for Christophe and allow him once again to slip through the cracks in Un si grand soleil. But for how much longer?

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