Sugar, pasta… the prices of these big brand products have jumped in two years

“60 Million consumers” reveals the extent of the price increase of 35 products in French supermarkets since 2021.

By Isabelle Missiaen for Le Point

The prices of many reference products have jumped in two years in supermarkets.

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VSIt’s not just an impression, for the past two years, shopping has become more and more expensive. And the regulars of the big brands in the supermarket have been able to realize this. 60 Million consumers reveals the exact content of this inflation on everyday products. The monthly obtained the prices of 35 reference products, including Béghin Say sugar, President butter and Lotus toilet paper. And the increases, which have only accelerated since 2022, are spectacular.

The product hardest hit by inflation, among the selection, is the one kilo box of Béghin Say powdered sugar: between March 2021 and February 2023, its price went from €1.87 to €2.92 , which represents an increase of 56%. In second place in the ranking, the box of 10 frozen hamburgers Charal has increased by 45% in two years. Barilla spaghetti completes the podium, with a 42% increase on the 500 gram packet.

Coca-Cola and Nutella limit the outbreak

In the top 10 are still President butter (+ 36%), the six bottles of Candia Grandlait milk (+ 34%), the Paic lemon dishwashing liquid (+ 33%), the kilo of Francine wheat flour (+ 28% ), six rolls of Lotus toilet paper (+26%), Harry’s 100% crumb bread (+25%) and finally Puget olive oil (+24%).

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On the other hand, of the 35 major brand products observed, some suffered little from inflation: this is the case of the large bottle of Coca-Cola, which increased “only” by 5%. The price of Nutella, meanwhile, only increased by 7% per kilo. The rise was also contained in Joker orange juice, the price of which rose only 9%.

But inflation, notes the monthly, has only accelerated: on all the products observed, the price increase was only 2% between March 2021 and March 2022. From March 2022 to February 2023, on the other hand, it was 18%. Thus, in one year, the basket of 35 products went from 95.15 euros to 112.29 euros. NielsenIQ forecasts the pace picked up further in early 2023, and prices are expected to heat up further at least until next summer, when the National Assembly is expected to pass the proposed Supermarket Trade Relations Bill on Wednesday. and their suppliers.

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