Suicide Squad ISEKAI: Harley Quinn and the Joker propelled into a world of heroic fantasy in the new anime from WIT Studio

Earlier in the day, Warner Bros. Japanese Anime announced an exciting collaboration with W.I.T. Studio (the first seasons of The attack of the Titans, Spy × Family) for a mysterious project to be revealed a few hours later during a panel at theAnime Expo 2023. Inevitably, we were curious to know the exact nature, which is clearly surprising. After the feature film ninja batman of 2018 is the Suicide Squad who will benefit from the vision of Japanese designers througha series whose title clearly announces the color: Suicide Squad ISEKAI.

The short trailer broadcast precisely displays loud and clear the ambitions of W.I.T. Studio for this totally delirious project, which already catches our eye. The series will therefore feature harley quinn and the Joker who will end up being transported into a world of heroic fantasy (hence the term isekai) with knights, dragons and barbarian beastmen. At the moment, we don’t know much more, except thatAmanda Waller will also be present.

It’s daring and we’re clearly looking forward to seeing more, because visually it’s already a success in terms of character design. No wonder, since it was the mangaka Akira Amano who was responsible for bringing these versions of the comic book characters to lifeknown to be the origin of Reborn! and appearances of the characters of Psycho Pass. He thus produced the preliminary drawings that Naoto Hosoda then adapted to the project, in addition to carrying out the illustration of harley below, which is absolutely beautiful. Here is what he said about the official site from anime:

I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn and the other Suicide Squad movie characters! It is an honor for me to be involved in the creation of Suicide Squad ISEKAI.

Director Eri Osada’s clear vision for Harley’s design made the process smoother than expected, and I enjoyed drawing her costume and muscles while imagining her action-packed adventures in the story.

I’m thrilled to see how the talented animation staff bring Suicide Squad ISEKAI to life!

Director Eri Osada, for example, worked on Jujutsu Kaisen And Gintama, and wanted to stage a villain in particular, remains to discover his identity. Ideas ?

I’m very excited to be working as a director on this brand new animated series based on characters from DC’s Suicide Squad. I can’t tell you which character yet, but the villain I wanted to have appears in this Suicide Squad ISEKAI, and I hope you enjoy it too.

All the staff are working so hard on this show, so look forward to it!

On the soundtrack side, Kenichiro Suehiro’s compositions should delight us and please fans of Re:Zero And Goblin Slayerwhile the screenplay was entrusted to the author of Re:Zero Tappei Nagatsukiwho is therefore well versed in isekai, and Eiji Umehara who was a screenwriter on the anime adaptation of this light novel.

It’s finally announced, Suicide Squad ISEKAI!! ISEKAI! Suicide Squad!

Who has ever thought of mixing these two? This is definitely a dream project. Crazy villains are unleashed in ISEKAI!

It’s nothing more, nothing less, and it can’t be anything else!

Tappei Nagatsuki

What would happen if the fascinating characters of DC Comics went to another world? I am honored to be involved in a work with such a simple and childish idea. I drew a variety of villains with one goal in mind, to make Harley cute!

I hope you will join me in enjoying and enlightening this world.

Eiji Umehara

Finally, the producer for Warner Bros. Japan Shinya Tsuruoka also spoke:

Nowadays, Japanese anime has gained great popularity among global audiences, and isekai fantasy is now one of the most popular genres.

What if DC characters like Harley Quinn and the Joker go wild in ISEKAI? This is truly an extravagant anime project that we deliver to global audiences from Japan. I’m thrilled to be working with WIT Studio on this dream project that only Warner Bros. Japan could produce.

Please look forward to DC’s original story and explosive characters in ISEKAI.

No release date on the horizon, but we’ll let you know when more details from Suicide Squad ISEKAI will be known. You can find ninja batman and its manga adaptation to the Fnac.

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