Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – Harley Quinn puts on a show in a new trailer

Just days after posting the first part of a video series titled Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – InsideRocksteady delivers a new trailer for its cooperative TPS (but also playable solo) derived from the universe Batman: Arkham. The focus is on Harley Quinn, clearly the superstar of the title, since the only figure who will be known to the general public, if we exclude the martyrs who survived the viewing of the narrative Suicide Squad by David Ayer. Certainly, King Shark and Harley Quinn were also found in the Suicide Squad by James Gunn in 2021 (this habit of giving the same title to several films…). But Deadshot and Captain Boomerang remain illustrious unknowns to the uninitiated. Hence the predictable emphasis on the anti-heroine created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

The Van(quish) will carry us

43 seconds of trailer, and at the ninth second the heart of anyone who has put their hands on Vanquish stops beating. This slide by Harley Quinn towards her enemies borders on plagiarism, if not a copy and paste of Sam Gideon’s signature movements in said Vanquish. Homage, borrowing, imitation or carbon copy, we know nothing about it, it is always only handed over from bug cerebral that this caused, we see that the rest of the trailer remains in the vein of previous communications from Warner Bros. and Rocksteady regarding Suicide Squad : nervous staging, overcutting of the editing, and action that backfires in the four corners of the screen.

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