Summer 2020: The best drinks for the next barbecue

Refreshing cocktails are very popular on hot summer days. Matthias Knorr, the owner of the bar schools, knows which drinks are popular in 2020.

When it's hot outside, refreshing cocktails are just the thing. But it doesn't always have to be a "Hugo" or an "Aperol Spritz". If you want to surprise your guests at the next garden party, you should use more unusual creations. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, bar school owner Matthias Knorr reveals which summer drinks are popular this year and which cocktails work best at home.

Which summer cocktails are trendy this year?

Matthias Knorr: With the great summer weather, of course, all varieties of fruity frozen cocktails and slushies are trendy. But also slightly bitter cocktails with only a little high-proof alcohol. For example, a wormwood or the French grapefruit bitter liqueur Pampelle – each with tonic or bitter lemon. The "Frozen Daiquiri Verde" also tastes great. Add 5 cl Havana Club Verde, 3 cl lime juice, 2 cl sugar syrup and a heaped glass of ice cubes to the blender. Mix everything until the drink has a nice, creamy consistency.

Which cocktails are popular classics?

Knorr: Immortal summer classics are above all the splash variations: "Aperol Spritz", "Hugo" or the somewhat younger "Rosato Mio". Polynesian tiki cocktails such as "Mai Tai" and Co. have also enjoyed great popularity in summer for almost 100 years.

In addition to the classic variants of "Hugo" and "Aperol Spritz", are there recipes for pimping?

Knorr: Aperol fans who are keen to experiment can simply replace the liqueur with the standard recipe. Campari, Martini Fierro, Ramazotti Rosato, Pampelle or Limoncello are also suitable instead of Aperol. For a "Limoncello Spritz" simply pour 4 cl Limoncello and 4 cl Bitter Lemon into a glass and fill up with Prosecco. Garnish the whole thing with lemon zest. With "Hugo" you can also play with the herbal notes: Instead of mint, thyme, rosemary or coriander are also suitable. Instead of the elderflower syrup, simply use ginger, sage or mint syrup.

What drinks do you recommend for at home?

Knorr: The simplest cocktails for at home are spray variants or long drinks. To do this, pour a liqueur or spirit into the glass, fill up with a so-called "filler" and stir the drink. Take a wine glass with the "Spritz", add four to five ice cubes and mix about one part of liqueur with two parts of Prosecco or wine. Ideally use a classic long drink glass for the long drink. Add four to five ice cubes and mix one part of a high-proof spirit with a little more than two parts of soda, tonic or the like.

Grilling is a must in summer. Which cocktail is suitable for sausages, grilled meat and Co.?

Knorr: The spicy and spicy "Moscow Mule" with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice is particularly suitable for grilled meat. Other mule variations with strong spirits such as tequila, mezcal or whiskey also go very well. A "Whiskey Sour" with 5 cl bourbon, 3 cl lemon juice and 2 cl sugar syrup is always possible. Likewise a "Gin & Tonic", "Cuba Libre" or slightly spicy long drinks with cola.

Alcohol consumption increased during the Corona crisis. Which non-alcoholic drinks can you recommend?

Knorr: The beverage market now offers a great selection of non-alcoholic distillates that can be combined with refreshing herbs such as mint, rosemary or basil. For example a "Matcha Mint Fizz". For this, shake 6 cl coconut water, 4 cl milk, 2 cl sugar syrup, 1 teaspoon matcha powder, 2 cl lemon juice and three stems of mint together with some ice cream in a mug. Then strain through a fine sieve into a glass. Garnish with a mint leaf – done.

Which summer drink do you recommend to figure-conscious cocktail lovers?

Knorr: This year, reduced-sugar sodas and tonics are the trend. This of course offers cocktail lovers countless possibilities to mix spirits with it. Fans of the purist can of course choose vodka or "whiskey sour". Somewhat gentler and more playful is the "Rickeys" drink category, where spirits like gin or rum are mixed with a hint of sweetness (sugar or liqueur), lime juice and soda in a long drink glass on ice.

Alcohol in the heat can be dangerous. What should you watch out for when drinking alcohol in summer?

Knorr: You shouldn't drink too fast, not too hard and not too sweet. In addition, not only drinking alcohol, but always reaching for water in between. Be careful with caffeine: coffee, espresso, etc. accelerate the effects of alcohol!