Summer 2021: Holiday islands are now fighting for tourists with controversial initiatives

The battle for the summer season has begun: Europe’s holiday islands can hardly wait to finally welcome tourists again and are turning on the turbo for this. What attracts holidaymakers is not called “all inclusive” but “covid free” in the 2021 summer holiday.

As a result, there are considerations in the tourism industry to prioritize vaccination for employees who work in holiday strongholds.

This approach has met with broad approval in Greece. “We have many small islands,” says Marios Themistokleous, who as Secretary General in the Ministry of Health is responsible for the “Operation Freedom” vaccination campaign.Handelsblatt“.

This makes the distribution of the very temperature-sensitive vaccines a logistical challenge. “We have therefore made a conscious decision to vaccinate the entire population on the small islands at the same time, regardless of age.”

Spain: The hotelier association’s initiative was rejected

In Spain, an initiative by the Mallorcan hotelier association FEHM with the request to vaccinate people working in tourism such as waiters, cleaning staff or receptionists as soon as possible was rejected.

The State Secretary in the Spanish Ministry of Health, Silvia Calzón, explains loudly “Mallorca Magazine“that the order is subject to ethical criteria. These are unchangeable.

Older people, as well as those who urgently needed a vaccination against the coronavirus, should continue to be given preference.

Summer vacation 2021: Vaccination war for special regulation in Italy

In Italy, both residents and employees in the hotel industry should be given priority vaccination on the holiday islands as soon as possible – despite criticism. “We continue and don’t ask anyone’s permission, not in Rome, not in Brussels, not at the UN,” explains Campania’s governor Vicenzo De Luca, in whose territory the islands of Capri and Ischia fall, in the Italian newspaper “Il Messaggero“.

The 71-year-old emphasized that the islands are “world-famous brands” that would give tourism a huge new start. Otherwise another season would be lost.

On the online platform for the vaccinations, 18 to 69 year olds can also register, while on the mainland only the elderly and previously ill have been vaccinated so far.

An initiative that does not go down well with everyone. So complained loudly “sportoutdoor24“the provincial administration of Emilia Romagna, in whose administrative area there are no islands:” It cannot be that tourist destinations are preferred to others. ”

Summer vacation 2021: digital vaccination card should make traveling easier

From June, a digital vaccination certificate will make traveling in the EU easier. Anyone who can show this certificate should be able to travel without having to adhere to quarantine or test regulations.

It is still unclear whether EU countries can still impose national quarantine regulations for travelers in the future.

Until there is no uniform regulation, “Covid free” could well be a decisive competitive advantage.

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