Summer dress trend 2021: These are the most beautiful models

Do you already know the summer dress trend for 2021? No, then it is high time you did it! We introduce you to some models that you are guaranteed to like.

Dresses are a dime a dozen – in a wide variety of lengths, shapes and colors. They are mostly airy, sometimes playful, and they often all have one thing in common: they are damn comfortable. Do you already have trendy summer dresses in your wardrobe at home? We’ll tell you which summer dresses are totally trendy in 2021, in which you too will look stunningly beautiful, because when it comes to selection, there is definitely the right dress for every woman.

Summer dress trend 2021: these are trendy now

1. Dress trend: dresses with thin spaghetti straps

Do you love your body and do you feel great in it? Point your shoulder and grab a comfortable one this summer Dress with thin spaghetti straps, which fit every occasion, are super quick and easy to combine stylishly and they are available in dozens of different variants. So everyone will definitely find something in this summer dress trend 2021.

The best: The spaghetti dresses make your shoulders look particularly delicate.

2. Dress trend: summer dresses with a neckline

Airy summer dresses that like to show a little more skin are exactly yours? Then you can look forward to it, because this summer dress trend 2021 suits you perfectly. Whether deeply decollete, ingeniously laced or cut-outs, Dresses with a neckline are the real eye-catcher. There is definitely something charming and seductive about their unique look that will make you look simply stunning.

Tip: With a backless bra you are well equipped for this look.

3. Dress trend: dresses with leopard print

The summer dress trends for 2021 also include the airy and beautiful ones Dresses with a striking leopard print. Everyone who has the courage to adopt animal designs and likes to wear them will definitely get their money’s worth here. You always generate attention in it.

Particularly practical: In addition to the eye-catching dress, you don’t have to worry about the rest of your outfit, because the dress should be the focus. Combine it with a bag of the same color in leopard print, simple sneakers or sandals in less conspicuous colors such as black or white and subtle jewelry – this is how you have created the perfect look.

4. Dress trend: boho-style maxi dresses

You don’t like figure-hugging that much? No problem, because then this summer dress trend 2021 will suit you perfectly: Boho style maxi dress. The dresses are particularly suitable for all romantics and retro lovers and bring the right color combination in boho style for every type. They are feminine, stylish and festive and are pretty much suitable for every situation, whether you are on vacation and going for a walk on the beach, shopping or going out with friends in the evening.

The best: The clothes are super airy. So it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

5. Dress trend: wrap dresses

Wrap dresses are not only super comfortable for pregnant women – anyone can wear them and look stunning in them. Now in the summer they are totally hip. With a chic wrap dress you can put your feminine silhouette in the limelight, because it emphasizes the waist, but also the cleavage. A summer dress trend 2021 that above all offers comfort!

The best: Every step can bring you a little breeze, because the clothes like to blow a little.

6. Dress trend: tank top dresses

Tank top dresses A rib look should definitely not be missing from the summer dress trends 2021, because they nestle against your body like a second skin and are therefore figure-hugging and extremely comfortable in most cases. In the tank top dress you can show off your beautiful curves and you are sure to get one or the other envious look at yourself. The dresses look super casual and are easy to combine with sneakers, flip flops or in high heels.

Tip: Wear seamless underwear under your dress, so there will be no dents or seams above your summer dress.

7. Dress trend: cut-out dresses

Would you like to show a little more skin? Then this summer dress trend 2021 is what you have probably dreamed of for a long time in the warm temperatures or have been looking for: Cut-out dresses. Whether cut-outs at the waist, high slits or necklines on the décolleté, the refined insights are by no means cheap and can be worn not only privately but also professionally, if you don’t show too much skin. The dresses are mostly simple, yet sexy and cozy at the same time. A clever combination with sneakers or strappy heels ensures a perfectly modified look.

Tip: Does your summer dress only have one strap? Combine it with a strapless bra – and you don’t have to go without a bra.

8. Dress trend: dresses with lace

Dresses with lace are the trend this summer. The clothes quickly make you look elven-like and feminine, give you the feeling of lightness and are just ideal for any occasion. White dresses in this style go perfectly with soft pastel shades.

The best: The small holes can bring you a pleasantly cool breeze on your skin on hot days.

These summer dresses are out

from Denim dresses, dresses with a deep cleavage, tweed dresses, dresses with snake print, bandeau dresses and velvet dresses you should definitely distance yourself this summer, they were once hip and trendy. In the meantime you look a lot better without them, believe us and let yourself be convinced by one of the summer dress trends 2021 above, because they are not only damn stylish and comfortable, but also very trendy.

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