“Summer house of the stars”: communication and knowledge as the boss

“Summer house of the stars”
Communication and knowledge as the boss

Samira and Yasin Cilingir face the challenge.


Only three couples will make it to the final, two will fall by the wayside in today’s semifinals. Two teams fail because of their feared opponents.

“After escalation comes de-escalation”. Michelle Monballijn (42) feels relaxed the morning after the most violent argument to date with husband Mike Cees-Monballijn (34). But such a state of affairs does not last long in the “summer house of the stars”. First, however, Mike’s arch enemies Jana Pallaske (42) and Sascha Girndt (44) move out. The spiritually ambitious couple say goodbye to the people and plants of the summer house.

In the penultimate episode of the season there is no more tactics. It is only played, whoever loses, flies. The first game goes up again. The couples have to work their way up a floating wall. There are many holes in the wall, but only a few poles to put through the holes. The stars have to work their way up on these in order to get hold of halves of their hearts.

Communication is everything

In this game, “communication is everything” as Mike realizes. Although he means, of course, that Michelle should listen to him. If she did that, the two would stay down forever, because the self-proclaimed commanding officer can’t get anything done. He is proud of himself that he got up from the first pole even though a hornet attacked him.

“You get hysterical and I close”: Mike and Michelle fail once again because of communication. You lose the game and you have to go.

General education as the boss

In the second game, the four remaining couples have to face their biggest nightmare again after the action game: general education. The couples have to answer questions and maneuver balls with the correct first letters of the answers into a kind of ball maze in the right place.

“I’m not an engineer,” says Yasin Cilingir (30) about the not-so-easy questions. For him and his partner Samira Cilingir (24), knowledge is what communication is for Mike and Michelle. The “Love Island” couple cannot answer a single question and have to pack their bags.

“Scary, only we are in there,” says Lars Steinhöfel (35). He and his partner Dominik Schmitt (31) are in the final, together with Benjamin Melzer (34) and Elisabeth “Sissi” Hofbauer (24) as well as Peggy Jerofke (45) and Stephan “Steff” Jerkel (53).


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