Summer seasonal depression: what is it?

Do you feel depressed during the summer? For you, this time of year rhymes more with depression and irritation than fulfillment and idleness? You may be suffering from Summer Seasonal Depression, a rather unusual and very mysterious ailment.

While for the majority of people with seasonal depression, it is mainly the winter period that poses a problem, for others, it is the opposite. In fact, sunshine, summer temperatures and holidays are not always synonymous with joy and carefreeness: for a small part of the population, the arrival of sunny days and the heat are feared when, on the contrary, the end of summer is seen as a real deliverance. According to Medical Daily, nearly 10% of cases of seasonal affective disorder (TAS) would be linked to the summer. If this year, the health situation and the half-mast weather have disrupted the summer period, the fact remains that this little-known disorder does indeed exist and that it is important not to underestimate it.

What symptoms characterize summer seasonal depression?

Every year, when summer arrives, you feel depressed and out of touch with others ? Does this period give you the appearance of symptoms which are roughly similar to those of classic depression, but which always appear at the same time of the year? Chances are you are suffering from summer seasonal depression.

This annual episode of depression usually sets in during the spring or early summer and may be the source sadness, loss of interest, sleeplessness accompanied by fatigue, irritability and frequent mood swings, or loss of appetite… You will understand that the summer seasonal depression is a disease not to be taken lightly, but fortunately, some simple methods can help you to boost your morale at this time of the year.

Summer seasonal depression: what is it due to?

While in winter, it is mainly the lack of natural light that poses a problem, in summer, it is on the contrary excess sun which disrupts the functioning of the body. It’s a fact: between the sunshine that upsets the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and high temperatures that interfere with falling asleep and sleep, it’s a whole rhythm that is turned upside down. Add to that the increasing air pollution, the discomfort that can be caused by sweating, allergies, exacerbation of complexes and disturbance of self-esteem, the pressure of society which presents summer as the ideal period of the year and the feeling of loneliness and exclusion that can result from it… These are all factors favoring the summer seasonal depression.

How to overcome the summer seasonal depression?

To better overcome this seasonal affective disorder linked to summer, it is already important to realize that you are not alone and that, despite the idealized image that emerges from social networks, the summer period is not always synonymous with absolute happiness. Comparison with others is thus often distorted and a source of discomfort, we must detach ourselves from it.

Also, if the opposite of light therapy has not yet been invented, why not a small dark and cool corner where to rest when the heat is in full swing? Blackout curtains, fans, air conditioning and ice are on the way to becoming your best allies! Another tip: exercise regularly in order to revive your energy, but be careful, prefer the start of the day instead so as not to suffer too much from the heat. Finally, if this particular disorder settles chronically, calling in a mental health professional is essential, who will guide you by adapting to the specifics of your situation.

Seasonal depression: these 5 tips will boost your morale

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