Summer tan: In just 3 steps to a glow

Like fresh from vacation
This is how you make up your summer tan in 3 steps

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It’s summer but your complexion is still wintry pale? Fortunately, there are beauty products. We’ll tell you how you can conjure up a bit of summer glow on your face in just three steps.

In the summertime, when most of us have slightly tanned faces, freckles are showing and cheeks are rosy, everyone somehow seems much livelier and healthier. Sure, lying in the sun for hours to tan as much as possible is not healthy. The risk of getting skin cancer should not be underestimated, so you should definitely avoid it, especially without sun protection. And maybe that’s why you’re still wearing your light winter complexion. Or maybe you just haven’t had time for vacation or time outside yet.

If you still want to have a little summer tan on your face without any sun, you can conjure it up in no time in front of the mirror at home. With the right beauty products and handles, this is no problem at all. We explain the three steps and products that lead to the glow.

You need this for the summer complexion

1. Bronzers

Bronzer is at the heart of a natural looking summer complexion and sun. It is a dark brownish powder that contains small mica and glitter particles. However, to ensure that the look with bronzer looks natural and doesn’t end up looking like a solarium or make-up accident, you should choose the color carefully. If possible, it should only be one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone, should match your skin tone and not be too orange-tinged and not contain too many glitter particles.

Bronzer for slightly tanned/reddish skin

Warmer nuances that also contain orange pigments can only be used if the skin has a red tinge. If the skin is olive-colored, nuances with a gentle gold tinge are suitable.

Bronzer for fair skin

If you have very fair skin, it’s best to choose a matte bronzer with a slight pink or neutral undertone. It should only be one to two shades darker than your skin tone.

Bronzer for dark skin

The darker the skin and hair, the stronger the bronzer can be. For dark skin types, the bronzer should also contain glitter particles if possible. Terracotta tones work well with darker skin tones.

How to apply bronzer to keep it looking natural

To get a natural summer complexion with bronzer, apply it to all those places where the sun normally comes and tans you. This means that it is best to apply the bronzer with a large brush to the upper part of the forehead at the hairline, on the cheekbones and also a little on the bridge of the nose and blend it in well so that no hard transitions can be seen.

2. Highlighters

Now you look slightly tanned and fresh. With a highlighter you can now set accents and emphasize some areas. It is best to apply the highlighter from top to bottom in a narrow stripe on the bridge of the nose and on the highest parts of the cheekbones and a small dab on the forehead and chin.

3. Blush

Part of a natural summer complexion is always a bit of blush. You can conjure it up on your face using a blush (powder or cream). Apply a little to your cheekbones and – a touch – to your nose, which naturally gets a little red after a day in the sun.

Voila! Your natural summer complexion is ready. A glow you don’t even have to go out in the sun to get.


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