“Summit of the quiz giants”: Jauch, Kerner and Cantz quiz together for the first time

“Summit of the quiz giants”
Jauch, Kerner and Cantz quiz together for the first time

Star power for the new RTL show “Summit of the Quiz Giants”.

© RTL / Felix Krüger, Stefan Gregorowius, Kirsten Nijhof, Patrick Liste

Günther Jauch, Johannes B. Kerner and Guido Cantz are quizzing together for the first time for the new RTL show “Summit of the Quiz Giants”.

It really has never happened before! For its new format “Summit of the Quiz Giants”, RTL is bringing together three successful quiz masters in one show. Günther Jauch (65) from “Wer wird Millionär?”, Johannes B. Kerner (56) from “ZDF-Quiz-Champion” and Guido Cantz (50) from “Quizz Dich auf 1” appear together for the first time in January 2022 To play against the very best quiz candidates in Germany.

You will meet the winners of, among others, “Who will be a millionaire?”, “ZDF-Quiz-Champion”, “The smartest German”, “Asked – hunted”, “Save the million”, “I know everything” and ” Quiz duel “.

“The new quiz triad from RTL”

“I am sure that all three of us will burn with ambition. That is one of the reasons why I am really looking forward to this TV duel!”, Explains Jauch enthusiastically. Johannes B. Kerner is also happy – especially “to be a guest on a quiz show. And as an ambassador for the ZDF quiz champion, I will give everything together with the 2G, Günther and Guido, to nominate the best quiz candidates in Germany beat. I’m curious if we have a chance “.

“Günter Jauch, Johannes B. Kerner and I – the new quiz trio from RTL,” is how Guido Cantz sums up the illustrious trio. The new show will be moderated by actress Palina Rojinski (36). A real premiere for the native Russian. “I’m looking forward to my responsible job at the ‘Summit of the Quiz Giants’, to take the time-honored masters of the quiz shows by the hand with a pinch of humor and femininity, and turn them into a real playground. And not everyone should stop there Show have gray hair. “

This is how the show works

The game is played in a total of three rounds. The teams not only have to answer knowledge questions from different categories such as “geography”, “sport”, “film and television” or “useless knowledge”, skill, perseverance or concentration are also required in a round of play. If the challengers win, they take home the sum they have won. If the quiz masters clear away, the money goes into the jackpot for the next show.


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